Weekend Linkfest

Sunday, March 12, 2006 | 05:30 PM

It is a gorgeous day herein the Northeast: Sunny and 60 degrees (hit 65 yesterday!) No wonder Crude is slumping.

No time to chit chat, I gots stuff to do outdoors. With no further ado, here is this week's linkfest!

• The WSJ on the NFP: Jobs Data Suggest Economy Picking Up Steam;   

• Barron's Technical Analyst, Mickael Kahn, notes that "Rising Bond Yields Will Pressure Stocks"  (If no sub, go here);

• I previously linked to Hedgefolio's terrific Permabull piece; I used many of your suggestions to assemble the opposite take: You Know You are a Permabear When...  (its freakin' awesome);

• Bloomberg's Caroline Baum asks: Where's the Evidence of Labor Market Tightness?

• In the real world, stuff costs more money. Hence, the Thomas’s Ham & Eggery Guide to Inflation;

• Despite my bearish outlook for 2006 equities, I've never been a believer in the housing bubble; Research from Denmark's Danske Bank reaches a similar conclusion as to the housing boom-- its not a bubble:  US housing - boom or doom?

• Look who's bloggin': The WSJ Joins the Blogging Crowd;

• The president's advisory panel on tax reform issued its report in November -- and most surprisingly, they effectively trash what was (arguably) the greatest success of the Reagan administration: Is the 401 (k) in Danger?

• Is Corn the next Gold?

• I have been lamenting the impending end of M3 reporting (See "Can M3 be Saved?"); The Capital Spectator interviewed Ron Paul, the Congressman trying to do just that: ONE CONGRESSMAN'S FIGHT TO SAVE M3;   

• Cramer's Mad Money has been outperforming the indices by a 2 to 1 ratio: Booyah Audit;

• Last week, the NYT's Dave Leonhardt had a column about how the popping of the Real Estate bubble may not be so bad after all. Northern Trust's Paul Kasriel asks: Is Dave Leonhardt A Renter?

• A long article written for advisors on how to cope with this mess: Understanding Secular Bear Markets: Concerns and Strategies for Financial Planners    

• The Financial Times notes that a spike in insider selling alerts equities analysts;   

• We remain vulnerable to an Oil price shock, and terrorists are increasingly targeting Oil infrastructure: An Energy Pearl Harbor?   

• Guess what happens when a new CD release is put out at $7.98? You would think that maybe Music Labels Might Stop Ignoring Basic Economics;

New Rydex ETFs to track 'pure style' indexes from S&P

• Ever wonder why home electronic prices decline each year as technology advances keep making them better -- but kitchen and laundry room appliances -- loaded with electronics -- defy the trend and cost more?

• Eliot Spitzer wonders Why Doesn't Digital Music Ever Go On Sale?

• Respected economics firm Bridgewater is getting increasingly cautious;

• It turns out that Money can make you happier;

• Here's a site dedicated to Renewable Energy Stocks;

• The next generation OS from Microsoft is set to drive NAND flash memory sales: Vista OS set to drive NAND growth, says Samsung;

• As cigarette sales hit historic lows, Mcsweeneys takes an amusing look at some of the Less Powerful Industry Lobbying Groups;

• Forbes reveals the Top Topless Beaches 2006;

•  Thank You For Smoking looks like an amusing movie (good cast, too);

Top 10 Strangest Lego Creations;

• New CD out from Pink Floyd guitarist/vocalist David Gilmore: On an Island. Amazon has a video interview with him on the disc, his first solo album since 1984's About Face, and his first studio recording since Floyd's Division Bell. (Sirius is running an all Pink Floyd/Gilmore Channel this weekend);

• Lastly, an experiment to determine how smart your Right Foot is:

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

You can keep trying, but you cannot outsmart your foot!

That's all from Lawn Gyland, where I am off to brunch, a quick spin on the twisty backroads of the North Shore, and then some gardening. Enjoy the weekend -- and the return of the Sopranos

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Oh! Forgot... Sorry, it's hard to break old habits.

You know... Pavlov and all that.

Posted by: Eclectic | Mar 12, 2006 5:46:30 PM

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