Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Wackiest State in the Union

Quote of the Day

"It's official: California has finally reclaimed its rightful place as the wackiest state in the union. Florida had us beat for a while with Elian Gonzalez and hanging chads, but we came roaring back with this whole recall thing. Think about it: Darrell Issa -- an alleged car thief who later made his fortune selling car alarms -- decides he wants to be governor. So he throws the world's sixth largest economy into utter chaos by paying bunch of losers to collect enough signatures to invalidate an election that's not even a year old -- right in the middle of the worst deficit crisis in state history. You can't make this shit up."

-Chris Thompson,
Gary for Governor! East Bay Express, August 11, 2003

Note: I'm happily ensconced 3000 miles away in NYC; Who woulda thought the place that gave the world Mayors Koch, Giuliani and Bloomberg would look politically sane?

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California was already in a state of chaos caused by massive low-skilled immigration and a lying political class that, led by Gray Davis, carried off an enormous act of deceit before the last election in order to hide the size of the deficit from the electorate. It is easy to take pot-shots at Arnie or Darrell Issa. But they didn't make this mess. The people now in power and previously in power in Washington DC and Sacramento did ot.

BTW, I'm sitting a few miles from the Pacific ocean and from here NYC does not look politically sane to me.

Posted by: Randall Parker | Aug 20, 2003 6:12:24 PM

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