Saturday, October 18, 2003

A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies

This is a brilliantly executed piece of political commentary -- devastingly effective in making its point. All the text is verbatim comments from the Administration (or its spokepeople); All has been demonstrated to be totally false. Simply ingenious.

Harpers Magazine: The Revision Thing
All text is verbatim from senior Bush Administration officials and advisers.
(In places, tenses have been changed for clarity)

Once again, we were defending both ourselves and the safety and survival of civilization itself. September 11 signaled the arrival of an entirely different era. We faced perils we had never thought about, perils we had never seen before. For decades, terrorists had waged war against this country. Now, under the leadership of President Bush, America would wage war against them. It was a struggle between good and it was a struggle between evil.

It was absolutely clear that the number-one threat facing America was from Saddam Hussein. We know that Iraq and Al Qaeda had high-level contacts that went back a decade. We learned that Iraq had trained Al Qaeda members in bomb making and deadly gases. The regime had long standing and continuing ties to terrorist organizations. Iraq and Al Qaeda had discussed safe-haven opportunities in Iraq. Iraqi officials denied accusations of ties with Al Qaeda. These denials simply were not credible. You couldn't distinguish between Al Qaeda and Saddam when you talked about the war on terror . . .

You can see the rest of it at Harper's Magazine

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