Thursday, October 30, 2003

Photo Fog - Anti-Flash Photo Radar Defense

Stop Traffic Light Photo tickets . . . (anyone have any experience with this product? Does it work?)


Photo Fog is a spray that makes your license plate super reflective. The flash of a photo radar or red light camera is reflected back to the camera. The result of this is an over-exposed picture, with an unreadable license plate number.

Photo Fog is proven to be effective against the flash of photo radar, red light cameras, and speed cameras. However, Photo Fog only works when the flash is being used by the cameras. Because of this limitation, it is only recommended in areas where the Super Protector license plate cover can not be used.


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Yes, most of these reflective sprays work, but are not foolproof (and they wash off with time or rain or car washes). There must be a Flash with the photo camera, and the flash must be reasonably strong. If it's daylight and no flash is being used... welcome to another photo ticket. Occasionally, the camera uses both flash and daylight for exposure, and if the daylight is strong enough for a good exposure of your plate (despite the "flare" created by the flash on the reflective surface)... same result, unfortunately. You're probably safer with On Track's Protector or SuperProtector license plate covers, but some jurisdictions may consider them to be obstructive of the license plate. As always, it's your risk.

Posted by: Barry | Jul 8, 2004 5:12:08 PM

i use Photoblocker from if in canada.
the great thing is that the photoblocker does not wash off.
i had photofog for over 2 years but it started to cost alot of money buying more spray. (i have never recived a ticket) ND KNOW I HAVE BEEN FLASHED. THE SAME WIHT PHOTOBLOCKER I HAVE HAD THAT FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS IN 4 YEARS I HAVE NEVER RECIVED ANY TICKETS

The spray is good in Calgary because the cover will get you pulled over by the cops.

Posted by: gameboy | Aug 12, 2005 6:23:52 PM

What i use is Photostopper, and never received any tickets, on my van i have both cover and the spray

Posted by: Josh ST. Louie | Mar 19, 2007 10:28:37 PM

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