Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hummer envy?

Just in case the Hummer wasn't big and dumb enough for you: The Maxi Mog:


In case you have a really, really small penis.

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About the Hummer envy, why is it that people say "small penis" when they see a truck that is huge? I guess they think it's compensation, huh? I'm going to own 2 Hummer H1s someday because I want to use them right, and I also like to support American car makers (H1 is 98% American). Am I going to have people yelling "small penis" at me simply because I bought the best off-roader there is, and I USE IT? I typically laugh at ricers more than people in big trucks because they bought something that will never be better than the best. From what I hear, the mog is better than the H1 because Mercedes had that as their intentions. That might be compensation, I'll agree. But what if that is a guy who gives Safari tours in Africa and a Land Rover just won't cut it? Or maybe he just wants the best for his money. He certainly got it. I strongly dislike stereotypes like the one you just used.

Nice picture of my all-time favorite car by the way, that F50 :)

Posted by: Austen Schwend | Mar 29, 2005 11:00:45 AM

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