Thursday, October 21, 2004

Congrats! You're An Asshole


Urban life is fraught with daily challenges. We're beset on all sides -- by thoughtless co-workers, oblivious roommates, and even regular strangers on the street -- with the flagrant flouting of the simple rules that govern mundane transactions in society. One such rule, however, is that we don't confront those who transgress against the social order -- and that's a rule Glarkware feels was made to be broken.

Now you can confront those who wrong you, in a way that won't result in your getting your ass beat up. Let the Urban Asshole cards do the talking for you, and put urban assholes in their place.

Each card is scored but not folded so you can present them as is or fold them up so that the recipient only sees "Congrats!" before they get "You're An Asshole" and the hard truth on the other side.

Back of the card reads:

Congrats, Youre An Asshole

Assholes rarely know why they are the way they are, so heres a clue for you on your journey of self-improvement:

Double parking

Parking in handicap space

Leaving dog in car

Not shovelling sidewalk

Creating your own parking space

Talking really loudly on cell phone while riding public transportation

Being a loud inconsiderate neighbour

Cutting in line

You get the idea . . .

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you are a total dick

Posted by: italian | Feb 23, 2005 1:01:40 PM

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