Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Disrupts Flights Across U.S.

WSJ:   "Air travelers well beyond the Gulf Coast, where Hurricane Katrina hit land, should brace themselves for delays and cancellations well into the week.

Airports yesterday including Louis Armstrong New Orleans International and Jackson International in Mississippi were closed, and airlines grounded flights throughout the Deep South. Continental Airlines canceled 111 flights in and out of the Gulf Coast, for instance, while AMR Corp.'s American Airlines canceled 36 flights in and out of New Orleans yesterday and American Eagle had about 65 cancellations in the area."


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via WSJ


Katrina Disrupts Flights Across U.S.
Storm on Track to Hit Hubs From Detroit to Memphis; Moving Planes to Safety
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, August 30, 2005; Page D1

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