Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Index to Creationist Claims

The fastest way to economic destruction is the debasement of the engine of growth. In this country, that's Science and Technology.

The godless central planning communists in China must be laughing their arses off at the attempts here in the U.S. to introduce non-science into the scientific curricula in the United States. This is a sure path to economic ruin.

In the marketplace of ideas, the strongest arguments should (theoretically) triumph. Therefore, to help dispel the self destructive campaign of dumbing down our scientific future, here is the Index to Creationist Claims.

Its an incredibly detailed point by point refutation of all the failings, false statements and inaccuracies of the personal religous belief system of Creationism and Intelligent Design.

Index to Creationist Claims

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Materialists claims, of which evolution is only a more recent venture, have to explain not only how spontaneous generation of organs occur, but more specifically how the Same and Difference that they imply are related. The argument isn't whether there is a God or whether Evolution as such are true. Rather, what is at stake and in question is whether rational thought can explain its own origins. Evolution is a theory; it cannot be right or wrong, only productive or unproductive. Comparing Religion to Evolution is an apples and oranges problem because Religion attempts to be the frame for Being as such, while Evolution is an explanatory narrative, i.e. a theory, that attempts to give rational meaning to a series of data. Neither are they mutually exclusive. Leibniz version of Modernity, that there are no contradictions and that things must fully develop, is not the end all be all of whatever the Real is.
On the other hand, Christianity is not about having answers to give meaning to a series of data points. Christianity is based upon miracles, plain and simple. While Evolution is restricted in its own understanding of the world to whatever is rational, miracles, and by (il)logical extension Christianity, is whatever is beyond rational thought.
For the ignorant among us, what then truly is at stake is Neitzsche's open seas versus radical determinism. All materialist systems of thought, including Physics, are radically (meaning systemically) determined. If Evolution is to be understood as absolute, as really a truth as such, then it would have to show that it is not radically determined. In other words, it would have to be extra rational...somewhat akin to a miracle. This is the irony of the entire debate. While Christians attempt to 'prove' the scientificity of their beliefs, they only serve to inscribe themselves within the discourse of Science (rational thought). On the other hand, Evolutionists demand that their theory be 'miraculous' while at the same time they deny the grounds of the possibility for such 'events'. Neither side appears to be well informed of their own arguments and the senseless parroting of the points by both sides is...ignorant.

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