Friday, October 21, 2005

Car Stuck Girls -- WTF?

There are lots of perversities that I understand. There are plenty that I don't necessarily share, but at least get (kinda)

This one leaves me baffled: Car Stuck Girls

Unfortunate gals, clad in bikinis or short skirts / business garb, spin their tires furiously in mud or sand. Perhaps its their plaintative pleas -- "I'm stuck, I'm stuck" -- that brings out some kind of a rescue fantasy in men.

I don't get it.

click any car for video




(whats with the bouncing up and down? that won't get your car free . . . )

OK, maybe now I almost get it -- a little

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This is something of the most bisarr things i ever seen. I´ll realy don´t get it. Ok nothing wrong whit the girs, but i prefer to go to a bar or nigthclub there i kan talk whit them.

Anyway, i belive some persons find this exiting bequase movis ar maked about this.

Please exuse my poor english.

Posted by: Knut | Jan 5, 2008 3:45:57 PM

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