Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Bling" Becomes Marketing Verbiage

I noted earlier this year that "Bling" had jumped the Shark.

So it really shouldn't have been any big surprise while picking up some groceries and holiday presents in Target that I saw THIS sign:

click for larger photo


Now that "Bling" the word has become a marketing phrase for chain discounters like Target, can we please retire it? 

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Ridiculous, isn't it? Why do all of these nonsense words that people invent become new, "real" words? Especially those that define something that's ALREADY defined.
Example : "Ain't" - "Isn't"
I mean, come on. If you're going to invent new words, at least come up with something new.
Yep... later.

Posted by: Christopher | Dec 19, 2005 1:26:08 PM

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