Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LIRR Commuter from Hell: Furball

Here's a requestIf you have a whiskey tinged, smokers' voice -- like you've been on a worldwide tour with Buddy Guy for 25 years -- and on top of the gravel throat, you speak with a heavy accent, then I have a request for you:

Would you please keep your telephone conversations to under 45 minutes? Thanks.

This fur clad Tom Waits sound-alike (below) was so engrossed in her conversation that she missed looking at the birdie and forgot to say "Cheese!"


By the way, I am getting really good at covertly reaching out with the phone and snapping a photo before anyone has the slightest clue what's going on.

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I grew up on LI and took the LIRR for years before I moved to Cali. Your LIRR blog takes me back and makes me laugh. In the spirit of bi-costal commuter nightmares, I give you the above link, about my special nail-clipping friend on the AC Transit bus from Oakland to downtown San Francisco.

Posted by: catherine | Mar 9, 2006 1:05:39 PM

Ooops - apparent;y, you click my name and get the link. Doh!

Posted by: catherine | Mar 9, 2006 1:06:49 PM

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