Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What would you do?

Lose Something?

A man who found a bag containing jewellry and cash worth $1.4 million on a Sausalito park bench in the US during a lunch break turned it in to the local Police, who managed to track down its owner:

A man who found a bag containing jewellry and cash worth $1.4 million on a park bench may have saved a marriage.

John Suhrhoff found the Louis Vuitton bag on a Sausalito park bench in the US during a lunch break. Inside the bag, police say, was a 12-carat diamond ring, pearl and emerald jewelry, a Cartier watch and roughly $500 in Canadian and American cash. The contents were worth a cool $1.4 million.

But the respiratory therapist didn't think of heading to a pawn shop - he returned the bag to Sausalito police headquarters after failing to track down the owners on Monday. Now the bag is en route to the Ghannadian family of Toronto, Canada, who were in Northern California for a daughter's wedding.

"Every person I know or associate with would have done the same thing," Suhrhoff, 56, of San Rafael, said Tuesday. "I'm glad to be able to help.

I am curious as to 2 questions:

• What would you have done in the same circumstances?

• What do you think most people would do?



I'll make my confession:  When I was in college, I found an old wallet -- empty, no I.D., nothing in it, but a modest sum of cash; I kept it, rationalizing that it would never see its owner. Its something I always regretted doing.

A few years later, when I was in grad school in NYC (and just as poor), I found a wallet with cash AND I.D. -- not once, but twice. Each time, I managed to track the owner down and return it.

You find a bag with over a $1 million dollars in it -- what would  you really do? 

$1.4m bag left on bench   
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 29, 2006 - 3:03PM

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Too much money--I return it or hand it over to authorities if there's no ID. Like others, I'd probably keep it if there's no way to return it (a lack of an ID). Indeed, in college, I stumbled into a couple of twenties and kept them (that I remember indicates some guilt, right).

This is odd, though, isn't it? After all, someone missing $20 and their wallet might be up a creek (their last 20 possibly) and yet many don't hesitate to keep it. But, the million dollars (which if its left out and about seems to indicate that the person has other millions) and yet we do our absolute most to return it (and to avoid keeping it).

Does this connect with our willingness to put away criminals for long periods for stealing $100 while allowing while-collar types who Enron many for billions to serve a couple of years in a half-way house?

Posted by: Jeff M. | Apr 26, 2006 12:25:13 PM

I would have done the same. I must say though, if the purse was left somewhere in Oakland that it would have never been seen again. It was lucky that they lost it where they did. Sausalito is not exactly the poor part of town. Actually, they make middle class people look like a they live in a third world country.

Posted by: Paul | Apr 26, 2006 12:28:26 PM

I was broke and without a job, and found a wallet on the groud with a couple of hundred dollars in it.

I returned it. If it is wrong to do, it is wrong to do. If you have a semblance of a chance of returning it, you should do it.

Posted by: Will | Apr 28, 2006 5:11:51 PM

I think I would of returned it at the time. However, He returned 1.4 million dollars and the people did not give hime a reward., The lady did not even call and say thank you. ( At least not in the first few days)Sorry, If I ever find any thing I would not return it anymore.

Posted by: Marie | May 9, 2006 8:16:33 PM

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