Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lucky Louie

Like many TV shows, Lucky Louie started a bit shaky. The pacing was off, and some of the dialogue was awkward. Its nowhere near as slick as Entourage, and the (purposefully) tawdry production values made the 1st few episodes seem almost amateurish.

Then, the show seemed to have found its voice. The most recent episode, Disicipline, is utterly hysterical. Some of it is due to the brilliant writing (think Seinfeld), the rest of the appeal is in that odd, Curb Your Enthusiasm/Office car wreck vibe.  You want to look away, but you can't. The combination is devastatingly effective.

The real star of the show is the script, which starts out as standard sitcom fare, slowly goes over the top -- and then really takes a wild turn.

The show may initially look and sound like a typical sit com, but the dialogue is clearly anything but.  It very quickly veers wildly into new and uncharted territority.

It is simultaneously familiar yet unlike anytihng you've ever seen on TV. Oh, and the dialogue is scathingly funny.

Here's the opening sequence from last Sunday's show:

Louie and his wife Kim are in Bed, obviously post-coital. He has a rather confused look on his face.

Kim: So, what happened there?

Louie: What do you mean?

Kim: Well, why did you get all weird when I put my finger up your ass?

Louie: Lets, uh, lets back up: Why did you put your finger in my ass?

Kim: I don't know.

Louie: We been married for 5 years, you never done that.

Kim: Well, you know, people do that sometimes.

Louie: Have you done it before?

Kim: Yeah, alot.

Louie: Really?

Kim: Yeah, sure, I'm a nurse dummy, I do it to my patients. And today I was doing it and I thought, Hey! Maybe Louie would like this.

Louie: Well, I don't, so, please don't do it again, ok?

Kim: OK, so you don't want anything put up your ass, but you want to stick your dick up mine?

Louie: Wait a minute, who said that?

Kim: What do you mean? Don't all guys fantasize about fucking women up the ass?

Louie: I don't.

Kim: Really? You don't?

Louie: No. I never understood that. I mean you are a millimeter away from the greatest place on earth. Why would you want to go in someone's dried out little asshole?

Kim: OK, your kinda putting down my asshole here.

Louie: I'm sure your asshole's fine -- I never even seen it.

Kim: Yeah, well, you should.

Louie: Why?

Kim: Because I'm your wife you should see my asshole -- you should know everything about me . . .  What if you needed to identify me?

Louie:  You mean, You mean if have an accident where your teeth are destroyed but your asshole survives?  Alright, fine, I'll take a look (jesus).

Kim gets on all fours, facing away from Louie, butt in the air. Louie lifts her teddy, looks at her ass, raises his eyebrows, cocks his head from one side to the other, nods  leans back and looks contemplative.

Louie: Well, now I'm ...

Kim: Never gonna happen.

Kim rolls over



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I really did laugh out loud and wiped a tear from my eye from laughing so hard. Great one!

Posted by: im1dc | Jul 26, 2006 5:19:53 PM

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