Friday, December 11, 2009

LIRR Commuter from Hell: The Foul Mouthed Sow

Excuse the ugly Blackberry photos, but I simply had to bring to your attention this classless, foul mouthed shrill troll on the 4:18pm train to Oyster Bay today.

The piglet sow gets on at Jamaica, and sits her ginormous fat ass across the aisle from me. She begins discussing someone's commission runs LOUDLY over the phone, as if she is in her own office.

I am barely reaching for the iPod to drown out the noise coming from her fat piehole when the guy sitting directly in front of her says "A LITLLE LOUDER PLEASE" 

The phone pig yells "SHUT UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP" and I am on the pig like white on rice.

"Hey, you are the one that is yelling, and using foul language...learn some manners. 

What does See You Next Tuesday do? She gives me the finger ! 

Classy broad! I reach for the digital camera -- damn, the battery is dead. Have to deal with the blackberry. Evidence her piggishness is below.

Its been a while since we have done a LIRR Commuter from Hell, but given what a heinous harpy the blond pig below was. it was time to dust off the old douche-o-meter: I give this rude, foul mouthed, fat-assed sow a 9 out of 10 on the Douchebag scale. 

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