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I'm Chief Market Strategist for an institutional research firm, and the Chief Economics Commentator for an asset management firm.


Hi, I'm Barry Ritholtz. I'm the CEO and Director for Equity Research for Fusion IQ, an independent quant research firm.

The topics under our watchful gaze include digital media, retail, energy, technology, and other related topics.

In addition to this blog, I publish regularly at I am a guest blogger at Roubini's Global Economics, and our research is also carried on Seeking Alpha.

If I'd enjoyed writing dry, unimaginative prose . . . well, than I'd still be practicing law. So if you're looking for dry, run-of-the-mill market observations, you've come to the wrong place -- Expect the unexpected.

If you stopped by to peruse the archives of those very same market comments, they are linked. Looking for my biography, professional resume, or other writings? They're also linked nearby.

In addition to my financial writings, I address a wide range of other issues -- technology, music, automobiles, politics, modern society -- just about anything that gets me going is fair game.

This modest blog started as an experiment; You can look forward to sharp graphics and zero multimedia. (Hey, your time is valuable). As long as you're here anyway, you might as well click around a bit.

If you've got something to say, then by all means please do.


I'm a fan of anything which can hold my attention (deficit) for more than a few moments: technology, market analysis, music, film, legal theory, literature, gardening, vintage sports cars, philosophy.