Tuesday, August 26, 2003


This is way cool:


Its from MacSense. For $249, I can access any of the 1200 CDs I own -- all of which I've laboriously ripped to my Mac over the course of 3 years -- including the singles and live music I also (legally) own, that's nearly 25,000 songs.

That works out to a little over two continuous months of nonstop music.

Here's a blurb:

Macsense HomePod is a digital stereo component that allows users to take advantage of their existing wireless network to beam MP3 files stored on their Macs or PCs to devices located anywhere in the house. HomePod was announced at the MacWorld Expo held in San Francisco 2003. Imagine being able to select from any computer in your home or office and choose the music you want to listen to on any speaker or headphone set. Simply select your music from the LCD screen on the HomePod and you are set. HomePod even works outside on the patio, in the garden or while organizing your garage. HomePod is scheduled to ship in October with a suggested retail price of $249.

Until now, music lovers have been forced to huddle around their Macs or PCs because no standard format existed that enabled portable devices to seamlessly share media files. But now, with HomePod's 802.11b, or Wi-Fi, network interface to beam MP3 files to remote devices, consumers will end up the winners and finally emerge from behind their desks.

The HomePod enhances Apple's digital hub, picking up where iTunes and iPod leave off. Think of HomePod as an iPod for home distributed entertainment. The handheld device functions just like an iPod, with the ability to browse by artists, style and song name. The device checks how many computers are on the wireless network and pools all the song lists together. All software can run on Mac, PC or Linux machines.

HomePod features an 802.11b wireless and Ethernet network interface, built-in stereo speakers, stereo audio outputs to home hi-fi system, headphone jack, 2.5" back-lit LCD display, jog-shuttle rotating dial, and on-unit control buttons.

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