Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Take California: Repubblica Italiano

Here's a thought about the recent, Daniel Issa financed recall process: Now that we know democratic elections are not sacrosanct in the Golden State, what's to stop the parties from alternating recalls each election? Is this the beginning of a new era of perennial elections, campign hell that never ends? Great, we can now look forward to some wealthy crank calling an election Mulligan every 18 months.

Apparently, this loophole -- long overlooked in California politics -- has effectively replaced representative government with a '70s era, Italian parliment. In Italy, the ruling coalition would dissolve parliment after few months or so, and have a brand new elections. What fun.

Living in NY, I really don't have much of a view as to who wins or loses in California; But I was surprised to learn that anyone willing to spend $1.5 million to pay professional petitioners to stand in Target and Wal-mart parking lots could undo a democratic election.

Take California. Please.

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Our problem is not that we do not respect the outcome of elections. Our problem is that our political class is thoroughly corrupt. They need to be able to be easily disciplined. They have shown themselves unfit to govern.

Another problem with our political class in California is that it does not respect the outcome of the referendum process. So Prop. 187 was undermined by Gray Davis and a judge appointed by Jimmy Carter. Never mind that 60% of the voters vote for it. The political elites here do not respect the will of the people. Well, to be impolite about it, screw them. I'm voting for recall with pleasure.

As for Repubblica Italiano: you are looking in the wrong direction. California is becoming Mexifornia. We are going to be another corrupt backward Latin American country.

Posted by: Randall Parker | Aug 20, 2003 6:17:20 PM

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