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The Worms


I've been pulling my hair out of my head looking for a tape I have (had!?) of a band called "The Worms."
(also known as Joey Miserable and the Worms)

They were this kickass funk/rock group that used to play all the time at Nightingales, a little hole in the wall club on 2nd Avenue and & 13th Street in NYC (212.473.9398).

I went to grad school on 5th Avenue and & 13th Street in the late 80s; We used to see the band play there regularly, and they just rocked the house -- that's typically used as a bad cliche, but in the case of the Worms, it was oh-so-true. They were great.

I bought a few tapes from the band, that I would love to converrt them to MP3s put on 'em my iPod. Having moved eleventy times since, I've been unable to find any of the cassettes (arrgh).

Any chance anyone might know where to dig up a copy? There's a huge karmic reward for the samaritan who directs me to a clean copy . . .

Here's some leads:

Bug Bite Daddy, Simon Chardiet (aka Joey Miserable of Joey Miserable and the Worms)

Jono Manson Biography

Joey Miserable and the Worms (Self Titled) - 1985 Nightcrawler Records

Cecil, Producer/Mixer of 2 of the Joey Miserable and the Worms albums

No, no...JONO Manson

the history of Whateverly Brothers

Bossa Nova Beatniks


Blues Traveler Lore

and some (dated) reviews :
Joey Miserable and the Worms (Self Titled) - 1985 Nightcrawler Records
The first album by the now legendary Worms was released only on vinyl LP. Among the thirteen songs featured are such classics as: Out of Control / Broke Bored and Lonesome / I Like It / Pooper Scooper and many, many more. "The Worms" were founded by Jono Manson and Simon Chardiet in 1980. The line-up rotated over the ten year life of this NYC roots rock group, but Manson remained a constant throughout. This LP also features Jerry Dugger, Hollie Farris, Milo Z, Curtis Fields and Howie Wyeth.

Joey Miserable and the Worms - Hanging Out for Your Love - 1986 Nightcrawler Records
Remember when 12" 45 RPM vinyl discs were the latest innovation? Well, this four song EP was released in this format only and it sounds great next to any CD in this boy's collection. The album is the last with Simon Chardiet as a member of the group; also the last recordings of alto sax player Curtis Fields, who died of cancer before the record's release.

(Both from here:

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Good news; I found this link in the UK that has the Worms listed in their catalog (but as an LP -- now who the hell do I know that still has a record player?)

I emailed them; Lets see what comes of it .. . . meanwhile, still lookin.

Posted by: Me | Aug 3, 2003 12:04:21 PM

I just listened to part of that music on an old tape I have. Awesome! That's still one of the best recordings I've ever heard... bar none. I don't have every song off the original record but most of them.
I used to play with them sometimes when one of the horns couldn't make it (sax). Simon and I played often in one form or another. I emailed jono acouple of times over the years. I played with Jerry all over Europe many times.
Still the Worms (original line-up) was one of the all time great bands in any and every catagory!

Posted by: Mr. Thing | Feb 6, 2004 6:06:03 PM

I,ve got two LP's unopened:

Joey Miseable and the Worms, OPENED


Joey Miseable and the Worms, Hanging Out for Your Love UNOPENED


Posted by: tworow | Feb 23, 2004 12:03:44 AM

I'm the former Mrs. Miserable, I did the tape cover illustration for "Tape Worm" which may be one of those tapes you are referring to, as well as many other projects before, during and after my 10 year marriage to Simon Chardiet, a.k.a. Joey Miserable of Joey Miserable and the Worms.
The current project-in-progress is to build and maintain a website for Simon (, who still doesn't have a computer or the faintest idea how to use one. In any case, he has the comprehensive discography in one or more formats-Vinyl, DAT, Reels, CD's, Cassettes, you name it. Right now the web site is very minimal, but check back as time goes by and the site builds up. It's great to hear what people have to say about the Worms, it confirms the old memories, it seems like a million years ago now.


Posted by: Ex Mrs. Miserable | Jun 11, 2004 12:21:36 PM

I was showing my 3 kids what their mom and dad used to lisen to back in the old days.I was going thru a box of albums and foung a mint condition Joey Miserable and the Worms album. I saw them back in the 80's in a bar in Akron,Ohio I put it on the turn table (Yes, I have one that works) and cranked it up. It brought back the night I saw them it was a cold and snowy winter night in Ohio.Thanks for the memories and the great music.

Posted by: Jim | Sep 12, 2004 10:36:30 AM

stumbled on this
for the record, the original line-up of the WORMS dates from the first gig, and lasted a few years. It was a New Year's eve (1980? 1979?)at the infamous Studio Ten, the alt nightclub of the Yippees, at ten bleeker street. the quartet was Simon Chardiet (joey miserable) Jono Manson (Frankie Sominex), guitars, Mark Ettinger (Marky Mazola), elec bass, and (as far as i can recall) Alan Thomson (Dick Withers) on drums. perhaps the first drummer was Don Death - my apologies for the hazy memory. the gig was particularly memorable for the fact that, due to band members being double booked (i think jono had a gig with his prior band Absolute Zero, and Simon had somewhere else to be as well) only three of us were ever there at the some time... I stayed with the group for 2-3 years, as i recall - and CHuck Hancock, sax, joined, as did Adam "Lefkowitz" - T-bone, and the two were known as the "geese in heat"

the only recordings i have date from the *early*days*, before i quit, LONG before they became a fixture at Nightingale's. i might be able to find the original acetate for a four song EP (Misery loves company) we made at Variety recording that was never pressed due to financial and interpersonal issues. i think it was released as a cassette...

Posted by: Marky Mazola | Jan 18, 2005 3:40:40 AM

would love to find CD or even dvd footage of this band. I also saw them a number of times in Akron at the now defunct, Barney Googles at the Richfield Holiday Inn. Absolutely a great rock and party band.

Posted by: Shawn | Jan 22, 2005 9:38:33 PM

The record is currently being offered on eBay. It is described to be in Near Mint condition. Here is the link:

Posted by: G.B. | Aug 29, 2005 7:56:23 PM

Wow! the NY Eves show at studio 10!
I think I got the worms that gig but I can't really remember.
Simon & I were roomates at "death house on AVE B"
Cindy! hi hope your well!

Posted by: Chris Karma | Sep 30, 2005 2:50:51 AM

I have the first album. I spent many a friday night at the NiteinJail listening to the Worms. I remember simon's wife used to put his head between her legs and squeeze his baldness into a sharpee dog rendition. After the cabaret laws were changed, the Nightingale couldn't house a band as large as the Worms, and they broke up. I followed the Sweetones for lots of years which was made up of Milo Z, Jerry Dugger and jono manson. I think there was some bad blood between the boys at that time with Simon, but he was one hell of a guitarist. I'd gladly copy the album for you.

Posted by: Harry DeBari | Oct 17, 2005 1:14:39 PM

Ok, so if anyone wants any of the worms music I pretty much have it all archived on my mac.
Email me and make a reqeust is all you have to do.
By the way, The tape that you discussed is the reason i fell in love with the worms.
We've all gone on to the next thing and still love each other very much, the way it should be.

Posted by: Jerry Dugger | Oct 21, 2005 4:45:40 PM

My bad, email me at

Posted by: Jerry Dugger | Oct 21, 2005 4:50:03 PM

hey kids its Simon Chardiet thru the mists of time and post menopausal arteriosclerotic fog i seem to remember starting his band called....toto?...foreigner??? no... ummmm JOEYMISERABLEAND THE FUCKIN WORMS! those were the days... anyway I finally decided to temporarily pretend i give a remote fuck about joining society AND HAVE OBTAINED A COMPUTER nuclear launch codes anyone?continuing on the work the worms started with SIMON +THE BAR SINISTERS w/original worm Chuck Hancock.[aka dominic pizzarelli the Black Italian..]want to e-mail jono manson,jerry dugger,greg poulos and worms rule ok???

Posted by: simon | Jul 19, 2006 11:08:29 AM

Simon taught me to play guitar. I miss the Bar SInister gigs.

Posted by: gavin | Sep 14, 2006 9:07:09 PM

I played flute on a Joey Miserable & The Worms cassette release in 1981, when I was 15. I still have it right here. It was my first studio session of many.

Posted by: Stuart Wylen | Oct 15, 2006 3:45:44 PM

wow.. trip around the web and no telling who you'll bump into..

i grew up up the block from simon's mom on
'78th street..

back in ''77-78 i think, my friends were fixin to steal simon's guitar as he was walking down the street.. (we were teenagers) he started playing "stairway to heaven" which
immediately raised him to "god" status. (it was 1978 afterall) -needless to say, he kept his guitar and we became friends...years later i had the opportunity to help the worms make an album or two and the rest as they say, is history..

hey guys (and gals) -how the hell are yaz? Cindy, how are you the girls doing?, you still painting? -the fluid sounds of mark mazola... and Mr. Slapmeat Johnson.. i miss that big heart of yours :)

and Simon, if thats you... (i cant believe you finally got a computer..) if i make to a gig, will you put Chuck on a leash so he doesnt come up and give me a big wet kiss? (he still jumping up on bars?

had some real fun times with the worms..

anyway... i think i might still have an album or two lying around.. and the masters.. i'd have to go scrounge thru the closets... -to bad we didn't have the web and mp3's back then, eh?

anyway, nice to see you guys are still alive and kicking..

drop me a mail at

btw, i have my old crusty wesbite back up at -nothing new there really... some "newer" pics on the bottom cheesecam button...

and if yaz want... fix the link at the top of this page with this crusty old one:

Posted by: cecil/greg poulos | Oct 27, 2006 1:54:28 AM

oh...and a minor afterthought.. whats all this about Nightingales? Dan Lynch was where all the
"real jams" were... so there.



Posted by: cecil/greg poulos | Oct 27, 2006 2:21:53 AM

I can help you with one Worm's cassettes that has 6 of their greatest cuts, in my opinion, but I was and am a merchant seaman and was most always rolling into Dan Lynch and Nightingales on a regular basis due to my ship being on a short run from NYC-St. Croix....although I was usually well inebriated, or on my way there, I was entertained many a night by Sweetones-Worms configurations and still think in that Golden spite of the cabaret laws resurgence that only allowed three bandmembers on the stage at a time , (which I believe was one primary reason for the 3-piece sweetones gigging without the horns & the full can of worms)that the worms at their best were one of the greatest bands I have ever had the pleasure to boogie with. That said, I have read these emails, and if Jerry Dugger says he has all their stuff on his Mac then that should be the best place to get ahold of there limited released cassettes. If you have not attained a copy of the one you are looking for, I can dub a cassette, and that is the best technology I have available because right now I don't have the knowledge or tools to transfer all my vinyl and cassettes to digital format...some day when I am not working on the sea, or making moonshine in the hills of virginia I might get snowed in for 10 days and try to ramp up my computer skills, however, the music is still on the tape, and besides a little hiss, hell it sounds good to me. I still have an 8-track in my 68 buick skylark, and the allman bothers sound pretty good on that system to this day, so a cassette of the worms should play back on any old cassette player.
I haven't seen Jerry in a while since I have been shipping down south and out west, I miss the old NYC days sorely, but after the clubs I loved expired and they started making the dancers wear tops at Billy's Topless I feel sort of lost up there. I also have a half dozen or so bootleg field recordings of them that I recorded with a portable walkman, and they are on the raw edge, with my thick southern accent talking over the music with various and sundry other denizens of the night...I don't know if they are worth copying..but they definitely capture the sound of the bars..but I can't capture the smell of the beer stained stage at Nightingales.....that you will have to remember on your own.......drop an email if you are interested in what I have to offer......andrew, the merchant seaman from hell ( to quote jerry Dugger).
I have insomnia tonight and have no idea how I got to this site, and doubt I will be able to find it again...........see ya.

Posted by: Andrew | Oct 27, 2006 3:51:20 AM

The Worms were a unique NY band and event.

I saw Carol King at a Worm finale event in the Village, and Simon and the Bar Sinisters played at our wedding out east on Long Island (that is not a typo, he was my wedding band in 1991 and it rocked!)

Without the Worms, there would be no Spin Doctors, whom opend for the master regularly.

I have 1, maybe 2 Worm LPs.

Posted by: Jack and Georgia | Jan 16, 2007 1:45:06 AM

The proprietor of this blog contacted me some time ago based on a review I had give to one of Simon's CD's on Amazon, to inquire whether I had any Worm's material on record or tape. I had the self title album, the Hanging Out EP, and the Tape Worm cassette. I got all of these to him, and he had someone do a pretty good professional job of dubbing these onto a CD, which I like to call The Compleat Worms. If it is okay with those who have the final say (Jerry and Simon have posted here, so give the word, boys) I'll be happy to make a copy to anyone who sends a B & P package to me. (That's Burn and Post for you newbies, send a blank disc and a postage paid return envelope) If interested, email me at

Posted by: Dave | Jan 29, 2007 9:13:25 AM

Hey there
I was a member of the Mighty Sweetones, (sax), with Jono Manson, Jerry Dugger and Elton Reid 1989-1991. In all my thousands of gigs since, those day are among my fondest memories. The Worms were THE bar band in NY in their time; they were hip to jump blues, Louis Jordan and the like, way before the whole retro-swing thing happened. Plus they were just way fuckin' cool! They could rock and they could sing...4 part harmony on "One Mint Julep" was a motherfucker, Simon could play classical and Charlie Parker, Jerry Dugger is the Buddha of the Bass..Jono ...the funniest frontman ever...
Worms are a good form of nourishment
Craigie D.

Posted by: Craig Dreyer | May 1, 2007 12:15:46 AM

Small world. I lived at Studio Ten on and off between May Day 1979, until the place got shuttered by the cops around 1981. Good times and Joey was a legend.

I remember being outside one gig they played as they were arriving and they announced themselves as being "the boyz wid da noise!"

Funny shit, yo.

Also, I went to HS during this period with Bill Dicey's daughter, and as a result practically got to live at the Sunday jam sessions at Dan Lynch's.

Ah, the memories!

Karma Chris, I remember you well and just sent you an email.

Posted by: Nyc Alberts | Jun 20, 2007 1:26:04 PM

I saw them in Bowling Green Ohio a couple of times and their music changed my life. Simon actually handed me their first album but it ended up being stolen from my collection. I am still bummed to this very day.
I long to hear that great music again and have even written Simon to rerelease it on CD. If he ever does he might become rich very fast, or not. Here in New Zealand, where I now live, there is no way in hell I could ever find Joey Miserable and the Worms recordings. Aaaauuuuuugh!!!! With todays technologies I would think there would be a way to get all of it on CD.
Anyway, I will keep on spreadig the word about Joey Miserable and the Worms down under and keep wishing that somehow, someway, I might come across that first album all that way down here.
Keep on Scoopin the poop all you Gerbils on the Wheels of Love!
Cheers Mates,

Posted by: Artilla77 | Sep 27, 2007 7:06:52 AM

Hey. I actually have video of Simon and the Bar Sinisters from 1991 - at my wedding on the south shore of LI! It is on VHS so I'll have to convert it and uplink it somewhere.

I caught Simon in NYC a few months back. Still great player, super nice guy.


Posted by: Jack Pappalardo | Mar 14, 2008 10:12:46 AM

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