Sunday, October 12, 2003

SNL Hardball Parody (featuring "Shrill Blonde Harpy")

Saturday night, TiVo grabs a copy of SNL, which starts with a dead on parody of Chris Matthew's by Darrell Hammond.

Matthew's guests on Hardball are Karl Rove, and the Shrill Blond Harpy, both of whom appear via satellite.

Early exchange in which the Harpy calls Matthews a traitor for having the temerity to question the President's veracity. Mathews barks back:

"Zip it; I can smell your soul rotting from here.”

During the wrap up, the Harpy makes known her availability to do the show again. Matthews ripostes:

“Good Lord, I would call you a media whore, but I feel that would be offensive to whores"

SNL still has the ability to occasionally surprise with its nasty hard hitting political humor. Surprisingly funny stuff . . .

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