Friday, November 14, 2003

Segway Successor?

Hot Wheel!


Fortune Magazine on Bombardier's concept vehicle --a high tech unicycle/Segway killer:

"We love reading about new products and designs from Bombardier, mostly because besides building things like airplanes and subway cars, the privately held, Quebec-based company also builds fun stuff like Rotax karts, Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Bombardier ATVs, Sea-Doo sport boats and Johnson and Evinrude outboard engines.

No wonder, then, that they have produced an exciting answer to the Segway Human Transporter. Like the Segway, Bombardier's Embrio concept--a prototype that may or may not make production--uses gyroscope technology to balance riders but adds a dash of flair absent in the Segway, which we as car nuts find slightly nerdy.

The Embrio concept also uses one less wheel than the Segway and will attract, Bombardier hopes, a younger demographic. The vehicle is designed as a guess at what transportation in the year 2025 might look like.

It is a fascinating idea because it combines the simplicity and alternative-fuel technology of forward-thinking commuting vehicles with the excitement of "recreational" products like ATVs. Indeed, the Embrio could attract people who drive a more fun sort of vehicle, what with its motorcycle-derived styling cues and, like an ATV, the fact that you have to lean in order to turn."

Cooler than a Segway, it simply looks like the most fun you can have on one (ok, one and a half) wheels.

Hat tip: Memeufacture

Hot Wheel
by Dan Lienert
Fortune Vehicle of the Week (Date?)

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Mentioned in Wired, nice job!

Posted by: Mike | Dec 1, 2003 3:41:03 AM

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