Sunday, March 14, 2004

My New Favorite Radio Station: BBC 6


My New Favorite Radio Station:

The way cool BBC streaming music radio station. Kicks the ass of bullshit U.S. corporate Top40 crap radio:

• Bob Harris (4pm to 7pm UK) is a "legendary radio presenter, whose musical taste is as wide as it is deep. Three hours of somethings you might expect, but an awful lot of things you won't." Great stuff. (Check out his interview with the Pretender's Chrissie Hynde, who I adore).

• Chris Hawkins show was also worth hearing: Its on from 1 to 4 (UK time) -- and is called "Songs That Saved Your Life." Check it out.

Since London is 5 hours ahead of NY, its a more upbeat R&R show than you might hear locally. Yeah, there's that, and -- Oh Yes -- the music doesn't suck.

I have been beating the subject of Radio Consolidation in the US for some time.

Now, it matters less for for me personally, as I am becoming a "radio Londoner." At least, for a few hours a week . . .

This launches the player:

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I agree the show was typically bad TV. Personality focused. re. KCRW. Check out KEXP radio on the web. This station, originally from the Univ of Washington campus is by far the best independent station in the country. They played Nirvava and Norah Jones a year before KCRW. The web site is an entry to a world of live and archived music. The weeknights are devoted to genre themes such as Roadhouse-Americana/Roots?R&B, Swinging Door_Classic and alternative Country, Wo POP-World music, and Expansions-Incredible D J based electronica. Its always the golden age of music if you know where to look.

Posted by: rob hone | May 28, 2004 11:00:59 AM

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