Sunday, March 28, 2004

Comment SPAM

An open plea to the good people at Typepad:

I have been getting deluged with Comment Spam. I've read elsewhere that many many other bloggers have also.

There are several ways to combat this:

• Grey list
Any IP Address which have been "Comment Banned" by 3 or more bloggers gets put onto a "Grey list." Not quite a Blacklist, it a Grey listed IP address precludes that entity from posting more than 1 comment every 3 hours. This is across the entire typepad network. That's right -- only 4 comments per day to all of the typepad blogs. ALL OF THEM.

• Blacklist
If a Greylisted IP addresses (including that firm or advertised message) is found to be using different IP addresses to post the same commercial spam, than they all get blacklisted. All of their IP addresses, and any associated accoutrements used to post comment spam -- name, email or web page -- gets blacklisted.

This is a major problem which needs to be dealt with, and soon. I'm not aware of what Typepad is doing to combat this, but they should do something -- and soon.

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I am a Masters Student at the University of Greenwich and am currently doing a dissertation on the issues of Spam and how business use of emails have been affected by Spam. As part of my dissertation I was hoping to conduct a questionnaire in understanding the problems of Spam and would be ever so grateful if you or anybody you know would be willing to answer as many of the following questions as possible
With Regards and Many Thanks
Senol Ergin

1) Do you think that the magnitude of junk mail is so great that many organisations will abandon the use of emails? Or is this measure too stern.

2) Does the idea of signing up to Spam blocking lists worry you because it can cause the risk of banning legitimate email which may be valuable to businesses?

3) How aware are you with the local spam laws? (can-spam bill in the US and The Privacy and Electronic Communalisations (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 within the EU) and how effective do you feel such laws are in eliminating Spam

4) What methods of Spam blocking if any is used within your organisations? Do you feel such methods are adequate and if not what do you think is?

5) How optimistic are you that spam will be eliminated in the near future? Please give a reason for your answer

6) Who does the responsibility of blocking email fall upon? ISP’s, Government Law, Email Service provider, Organisations using emails, or any other? And why

7) Have the anti-spam software within your organisations been updated recently?

8) How aware are you of the loss in productivity within your business due to spam, e.g. the amount of time wasted dealing with unsolicited messages undermining the efficiencies of internet communication, transaction, commerce, etc.

9) How much does your organisation enforce you and fellow staff to handle email carefully?

Posted by: Senol Ergin | Jul 7, 2004 2:41:48 PM

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