Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Why lie over meaningless nothings?


On Monday's Late Nite show, Dave Letterman shows this very funny clip of a bored kid at the President's speech in New Orleans. The kid -- about 12 or 14 -- yawns, twiddle's his thumbs, cracks his neck -- basically anything a kid does to pass the time when bored stiff. Only he's on the podium 8 feet from the President of the United States. It's just hysterical. (See the mirrors below for the video clip)

Dave did something similar with NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani' son at Rudy's inaugural -- the boy who was about 7 at the time. It was also a very funny clip, and Dave ends up having him on the show. There were good natured laughs for everyone.

Now here's where things get really, really weird.

CNN runs the clip off of Letterman's show, but mentions "We are being told by the White House that THE KID WAS EDITED INTO THAT VIDEO." (see links for clip below). Letterman than says:

"That Ladies and Gentleman as sure as I am sitting here is an absolute out and out 100% lie. The Kid absolutely was there he absolutely did everything."
Dave insists on the air this was real, unedited footage. Then he shows a 2nd CNN anchor, who announces the kid was there, but not exactly as shown (?!?).

The White House called CNN and lied to them about this. But why? Why lie about something as irrelevant and inconsequential as some goofy bored kid? Its just plain stupid. (Give Dave credit for having fun with this). The big question: Why this almost unnatural compulsion to lie? I just don't get it . . .

UPDATE: April 1 2001, 10:35 pm
CNN now says the White House did not call.

Something smells here; Otherwise, how did a White House denial make it onto CNN? Someone at CNN inserted a piece of disinformation based upon something. Who did this and why? CNN should explain what actually happened.

Here are the updated news sources:

Bored Boy Behind President Gets Nationwide Attention

Boy Yawns, CNN Bumbles, Letterman Yelps

via overspun

NOTE: Several mirrors are carrying the clips, as Overspun's bandwidth is exhausted:,02,2-0-Dubbya%20Invigorating%20America%27s%20Youth.html

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