Monday, April 19, 2004

Rocked With Gina Gershon


The Independent Film Channel is the source of my latest little guilty pleasure: Rocked With Gina Gershon. It's a quasi documentary about the Gershon produced film, Prey for Rock & Roll.

Gina first drew my attention with her portrayal of Corky, the pouty lipped lesbian ex con in Bound.

As a rocker, she has a sexy presence in leather pants and a tight cut off t-shirt. But her smoldering dark is somewhat reminiscent of Chrissie Hyndes of the Pretenders. Every now and again her voice has that "Precious" sneer which Hyndes perfected in thier debut album.

Its a guilty lil pleasure because as sexy as Gershon is -- which is to say very -- you almost want her tobe a good singer. She shows a glimmer every now and again.

I suggest she do a the life story of Hyndes and the Pretneders. Now THAT is an interesting tale worth seeing . . .


Here's IFC's promo crap:

Have you ever dreamed about leaving the daily grind behind and being a rock star? (Who hasn't??)

Gina Gershon decided to stop dreaming and start screaming...into a microphone, that is. And IFC followed her every step of the way to create our new documentary series, Rocked with Gina Gershon.

This documentary series follows the actress on a multi-city tour across the US with her band. Along the way, Gina encounters the highs and lows of touring: a crazed fan calls in a bomb scare at one of the venues, the House of Blues has to shut down temporarily for crowd control and she jams with Lenny Kravitz til 3am at her NYC show at Joe's Pub.

It's a riveting glimpse in to a world most of us only dream about, and a tribute to taking a leap of faith.

Check out the show -- you might find it intriguing.

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Hi everyone!

I'm searching for "rocked with Gina Gershon", I'm french and here it sucks! There's no this dvd:( I had the first episode, do you know where can I have the others please?

If you can't help me, make me pleasure and look this documentary it's really "fucking" great like say Gina in Prey for r)

Posted by: Gia | Nov 13, 2006 11:48:55 AM

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