Thursday, June 24, 2004

Pizza PiePod


First off, did you even imagine there was a Pizza Weblog?

Now that you have digested that factoid, consider the "piPod:"

Slice, America's Favorite Pizza Weblog™, is very proud to bring you piPod, a field guide to pizza that takes advantage of the Notes Reader in the latest version of the iPod operating software.

The guide is organized by borough and is meant to be a quick-and-dirty on-the-go reference tool. As such, entries are brief (some not so brief), covering the basics while focusing heavily on how to get to featured pizzerias.

In version 1.0, we've included our favorite pizzerias, most of which are in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Queens, Staten Island, and (especially) the Bronx are underrepresented, we know. A couple entries are included not because we've been there but because we wanted the info in our iPods for future trips. If you see a glaring omission or factual error, send us the relevant information [adam (at) sliceny dot com] and we'll include it in future releases.

piPod Key: C = Coal-oven; P = Pies only; + = Recommended; ++ = A Slice favorite. Hence [CP]+ = Coal-oven, pies only, recommended.


This has to be something Steve Jobs never anticipated . . .

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"This has to be something Steve Jobs never anticipated . . . "

Ha! Best line I've seen about piPod since it's been going around on the web the last couple of days! Thanks for writing about it.

Posted by: Adam | Jun 24, 2004 1:54:25 PM

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