Saturday, July 17, 2004

What is "The cult of Ken Jennings" for $100

In true Jeopardy fashion,
kottke poses an question: What if the reigning Jeopardy champ, Ken Jennings. never loses?

Here's an excerpt:

"[What if] Jennings is still the reigning champion and remains champion for years to come? The nerdy Mormon's appearance on television will become a part of normal life in America. Lincoln's on the $5 bill. Sun rises in the east, sets in the west. Michael Bay's movies suck. Ken Jennings is the Jeopardy champ. There are now three constants in life: death, taxes, and Ken Jennings.

In short order, the ratings of the now-live show go through the roof, singlehandedly propping up the dying network television networks. To placate the increasingly vocal anti-Jennings contingent of viewers, the producers start throwing all sorts of special contestants at him. Harvard professors, Disney Imagineers, Rhodes Scholars, a 10 yo genius from South Korea, Danny Hillis, David Foster Wallace, Edward Witten, and even Ben Stein. Jennings defeats them easily, deciding the games well before Final Jeopardy, much to the glee of Jennings' burgeoning fan club.

Jennings, now making hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements (he's under exclusive contract to Nike, promoting their sportswear geared toward the "intellectual athlete") protests when -- starting in early 2009 -- contestants are allowed to use Google's new S4 (Synaptic Semantic Search System) interface during the show to research answers, but still defeats all challengers. In 2012, the first contestants sporting genetically enhanced "buzzer thumbs" appear on the program. In 2013, the first computer systems to pass the Turing test are allowed as contestants. Jennings handles them all, au naturel.

Inevitably, a Jennings-based religion springs up. A young Mormon living a few blocks from the studio where Jeopardy tapes, reveals he has recently discovered a previously unknown book of the Old Testament. The lost book, coincidentally entitled "Trebek", tells of a living God from "the land of salt, jazz, and many wifes Who shall smite His enemies with a magical rod and infinite wisdom for the amusement of His followers" and promises salvation and everlasting life for whosoever believeth in him. After the new religion's leader appears on Oprah, the Church of Jennings becomes the fastest growing religion in the world.

Go read the rest of it . . .

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Dennis Miller: Still Not funny

I think I read a variation of that statement -- Dennis Miller is not funny -- a dozen times or so this week:

Ironically, as Matt Stoller observed:

"Yes, honest discussion would be a major step forward. It would be THE major step forward. This lack of an effective and honest analytical framework for modern politics is underlying the political success of The Daily Show and The Onion. Comedians can call what's going on fraudulent and crazy, because like with bloggers there's no pretense of balance. I have always had tremendous respect for comedians, because you can't fake funny.

It's interesting that SNL's failure to seize the political moment is palpable, whereas The Daily Show is attracting top political talent as guests. I also think that Jon Stewart is doing better interviews than anyone on TV. Stewart is not nasty to anyone - he's nice, inquisitive, and he always gives his guests the benefit of the doubt. But he doesn't tolerate bullshit, and he doesn't talk down to his audience. In fact, he's a lot less cynical than the journalists he interviews - he expects quality from our politics and media, and is still disappointed when he doesn't get it. How refreshing."

Back to Miller -- he stopped being funny a long time ago. While there's humor in popping the bubble of sanctimony and pomposity of those in power; It can hardly be called edgy comedy to defend the "Powers that be." There's little funny to be found in the blind defence of poorly thought out policies executed miserably. Where's the humor in that?

I wonder why no one has tried Google bombing the phrase "not funny" to Dennis Miller (Maybe its because he doesn't have a permanent home page).

Let me suggest this parody site:

Bomb away!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

U.S. Grammar School Interim Report to Parents

A very funny piece of satire, attributed to Nancy Greggs of The Guardian-UK, 5/25/04 (I could only find it via topplebush)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. G.H.W. Bush,

Once again, it is that time of year when we update the parents of our students on their child's progress, and we regret to inform you that your son, Georgie, is not doing as well as we'd hoped and expected when he embarked on his four-year program at our school.

As you are well aware, Georgie was installed as class president at the start of the school year, despite the fact that the majority of his fellow students did not vote for him. We foresaw problems immediately, but were assured by several school board members (who, as we understand it, are friends of your family) that this would not result in any real difficulty. Unfortunately, they have been proven wrong.

In the area of scholastic achievement, despite our best efforts, Georgie is still reading and speaking at a grade level far below our usual standards.. At this point, we are not sure if his failure to learn is due to laziness and a lack of ability to apply himself to his studies, or if he simply lacks the intellectual capacity to improve in these areas.

His oral presentations to the class are particularly troubling; it is apparent that Georgie has not read the necessary materials, and he often simply fabricates facts to hide this shortcoming. In oral exams, he tends to repeat the same answers over and over, e.g. "The economy is good; jobs are on their way," indicating a profound failure to keep up with the Current Events portion of the curriculum.

Georgie also tends to fabricate elaborate stories about himself - which, admittedly, can sometimes be very amusing. During a school celebration last May, he delighted his fellow students by coming to class in a little "flight suit" (just like the grown-ups wear!), and had everyone in stitches with his story about the family dog having eaten his report card from military pre-school!

On the whole, however, Georgie does not play well with other children. His "leadership" in the classroom continues to divide many students, one against the other. Other study groups, such as our French and German-language classes, are no longer willing to cooperate with Georgie's group, even though they have traditionally done so in the past.

Your son also displays a lack of taking responsibility for his failings, and seems unable to appreciate the consequences of his actions. Although he was provided with the best textbooks on the subjects of the Economy, Job Creation, The Environment, et cetera, these books were damaged or completely destroyed within a matter of months. Georgie insists that he "inherited" these books in poor condition, despite all evidence to the contrary. (In fact, these same textbooks were previously used by one of our very best students, who actually returned them in better condition than he found them!)

During his first few weeks with us, Georgie quickly became part of a group of other "problem students." Despite warnings, he has consistently befriended children whom we consider to be "bad elements," such as Little Kenny Lay and a foreign-exchange student named Chalabi. Both of these youngsters have been expelled from other schools due to their involvement in cheating other students out of their lunch money. We feel that these kinds of relationships can only lead to no good, and hope that you will advise your child accordingly.

Georgie often displays aggressive behaviour in the schoolyard, and recently assaulted a student in another school district, completely unprovoked. When asked about this incident, Georgie insisted that the other child was armed and dangerous. When investigation into the matter proved otherwise, Georgie changed his story several times: he was just trying to "democratize" the other child, the other child's school was harboring gang members, and so on. Quite frankly, his story on this topic has so changed from week to week, we simply can't trust his word at all anymore.

Georgie's friends, while not great in number, are very loyal, but tend to be over-protective. If any of the other students point out Georgie's failing grades, these friends simply shout them down and tell them not to speak at all. When Georgie was summoned to the principal's office several weeks ago, he insisted that his "best friend" come with him. We feel that it is in Georgie's best interest to learn to stand up for himself; failure to do so could seriously damage his ability to handle a leadership role in his adult years.

As you are aware, final exams will be held in November, and Georgie's past performance leads us to conclude that he will not be able to achieve the grades necessary to continue on with another four-year term at our institution.

Yours Truly,
Ms. J.Q. Public,
Assistant Principal

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Other New York Post Headline Scoops

As everyone knows by now, the NY Post ran a front page story, headlined "Kerry Picks Gephardt to be VP."

Only he didn't.

Now, via Fark, comes this collection of dozens of front page stories from the New York Post, photo-shopped for your amusement.

These are my favorites:








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Sunday, July 11, 2004

ELECTION DAY USA: CD Compilation of Anti-Bush, Anti-War Music

sllogo1.5_72 (5)

Here’s an unusual way to use both broadband and MP3s to make a political statement: A CD Compilation of Anti-Bush, Anti-War Music -- given away for free -- via the internet:

SEA LION RECORDS is proud to present a CD COMPILATION of ANTI-BUSH, ANTI-WAR music to be released to college and public radio stations during late SUMMER 2004, titled: ELECTION DAY USA

ALL 20 SONGS on the COMPILATION are LISTED BELOW, with FREE RealAudio and MP3 links...  ENJOY!

16 different artists were selected to be part of this compilation. The relatively small number of songs that professionally made CDs can hold did limit how many songs we could include. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who submitted work that wasn't included. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us, looking for 'closure' to this Bush matter in November 2004.

I’m not usually a fan of alt.protest rock, but some of the songs are pretty good, and more than a few are quite humorous and amusing.

Check ‘em out.

Here's a song list: 

DUCT TAPE 3:34 They are knock-you-dead funny, those folks in our Bush administration, when you look at things through John McCutcheon's eyes. His music is sticky (you'll want to hear it more than once), as his subject. In this case, it's the common household product that BushCo told us we needed to protect ourselves against terrorism last year. This song's message still holds true today. It really is sticky, this Duct Tape.

DUCT TAPE 2003 John McCutcheon/Appalsongs (ASCAP)

codePINK 3:28 You gotta hand it to this energetic duo of award-winning musicians. Pat Humphries & Sandy O nailed the Bush-backed Carlyle Group and their backroom business dealings with the bin Ladens long before Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 brought that fact to theatres nationwide. This song takes music beyond the traditional music industry, which, like government and other war profiteers, silences dissent. Witness the rise of Clear Channel's monopolization of our "public" airwaves, at the hands of right-wing Republican ownership, but that's another story (we'll be talking about real soon).

codePINK 2004 Pat Humphries & Sandy O / Moving Forward Music (BMI)

KICK OUT THE REPUBLICANS 2:40  Humorous and harmonious amped-up classic rock that practically demands your attention, Donny Daley rocks the world with this catchy tune. Kick Out The Republicans is a candid look at the Bush Administration, and what needs to happen to them in November '04.... Remember, somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot.


BAD PRESIDENT 1:31  Yikes! This release from folk artist Yikes McGee tells you Guthrie-style how he feels about President Bush, and we hear that his viewpoint is shared by lots of folks everywhere. There are two more short folk songs from Yikes later in the compilation, so stay tuned.

LISTEN to a FREE RealAudio stream of the full-length Bad President song, optimized for dial-up modem connections... click here .

DOWNLOAD aFREE MP3 file of the full-length Bad President song... click here using the right button on your mouse and 'save target as' .

BAD PRESIDENT c 2003 A.J. (Yikes) McGee

SONOFA BUSH 3:52   An enlightened, musical, satirical look at the President we 'elected' in 2000. In a nutshell, it's comedic alternative spoken word with a downtempo hip-hop feel. The 'voice' of George W Bush, rappin' his way through recent history, with lyrics inspired by actual mispronunciations and misguided thoughts that Dubya has shared with the world.

LISTEN to a FREE RealAudio stream of the full-length Sonofa Bush song, optimized for dial-up modem connections... click here .

DOWNLOAD aFREE MP3 file of the full-length Sonofa Bush song... click here using the right button on your mouse and 'save target as' .

SONOFA BUSH c 2004 Sea Lion (BMI)

LET’S PRETEND 3:25  Five-time Grammy-nominated musician John McCutcheon has released literally dozens of records, and is master of a dozen different instruments. In this tune, he shares his genius Randy Newman-esque vocals in an attempt to pretend-his-way-out-of current events, just like the man we call Dumbya.

LET'S PRETEND c 2003 John McCutcheon/Appalsongs (ASCAP)

CONSEQUENCES 2:52  In the words of artist Amy Martin, "We are so proud, in this country, of our ability to take action, and at the same time, often so unaware of how those actions affect other people and places. When writing this song, I was overcome by a feeling of urgency for us to examine those repercussions, and take responsibility for them." We couldn't have said it better.

CONSEQUENCES c 2003 Amy Martin (BMI)

DO YOU HEAR? 2:59  Veteran song collaborators Phil Klein and Maria DeAngelis teamed up to create this French 'musette' sound, unlike anything else in this compilation. Originally composed in French, the lyrics were translated to make the sage lyrics accessible to all of us non-French speaking folks.

DO YOU HEAR? ?2001 Phil Klein & Maria DeAngelis (ASCAP)

PEACE INSIDE 8:10  The longest track on this compilation, with Tom Waits style vocals countered by sweet female harmony. Songwriter and vocalist Ralph Stever says, "I saw where Bush and the boys were going with their Iraq spin, and I knew they were opening the War Room. Soon I realized it was hard to be an activist for peace while in the midst of fighting my own anger toward what the administration was doing." This song is the result.

PEACE INSIDE c 2002 Dancing Mountain Records

HOME NO MORE 2:42  The beautiful voice on this slow sad ballad belongs to Kris Penn. The guy seated at right is Thomas Pace, who interrupted work on a follow-up CD to his successful debut to write some songs that address the current political climate. This is one of 'em, and a great one at that.

HOME NO MORE c 2004 Thomas Pace

I DON’T WANT TO BE A SOLDIER 3:36  Time marches on, but 88-year-old Julius from George and Julius keeps on telling us all 'like it is.' The fact that Julius is as committed to fighting Bush’s re-election as he is gives us all hope for the future. If he can do it, everyone can do it. George Mann and Julius Margolin are anti-Bush pro-Labor folkies, and they dedicate this to all the victims of Bush’s illegal invasion and especially to the young men and women who might be considering joining Bush’s armed forces. War is ugly and evil, and this war is especially so.

I DON'T WANT TO BE A SOLDIER c 2003 Julius Margolin and George Mann

CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE 3:36  John Kasper's musical talent and ambition rival that of many big-time musicians. Anthony Krizan of the legendary *Spin Doctors* produced this great song from the New-Jersey-based John Kasper Band.

CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE c 2004 The John Kasper Band

PROPAGANDY 2:22  Yikes McGee sings out the truth about propaganda, as the Bush team practices it.

PROPAGANDY c 2003 A.J. (Yikes) McGee

OPERATION IRAQI LIBERATION 2:43  Proof that there are some brilliant satirists who have infiltrated the government at its highest levels, "OIL" is, in fact, the acronym first (briefly) used to name the invasion of Iraq, which was later changed to Operation Iraqi Freedom.


ROGUE NATION 2:34  Mike and Dave (the tightly wound springs of COILER) consider themselves forward-thinking throwbacks to a simpler, more complicated era, when creating retro-modern acoustic techno-pop folk metal was encouraged in schools and churches. Now that schools and churches create only bullies and the hapless drones they ride like donkeys, isn't it time to make up your own mind?

ROGUE NATION c 2004 Coiler

COWBOY PRESIDENT 2:38 Yikes McGee’s third appearance on this compilation, Cowboy President is a smooth folk protest song. Proof that one voice and one guitar is all it takes to make great music. Listen and help rid the world of mad cow(boy) disease.

COWBOY PRESIDENT c 2003 A.J. (Yikes) McGee

SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE 2:38 Country rock roots with a thick dirty edge, framing the band's lyrical passion for justice with a wildly original rock and roll sound. The upside down MAYDAY MAYDAY flag motif the band has adopted befits the results our current befuddled administration has embraced.


RISE UP! 3:14  Living in Thailand, musician David Freyer watched coverage of a Washington DC protest march, got fired up, and wrote some lyrics. Within a week, his band The Positive Chi Units had laid down this emotive track honoring the true voice of America. You! Make your voice heard on (or before) November 2, 2004. Use it, or lose it. And please, register to vote, if you haven't already done so.

RISE UP! c 2004 David Freyer and the Positive Chi Units

SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN 4:47  Promoting peace through culture, the hip yet unsettling backbeat and use of minor chords help make this song majorly appealing... Rhett Redelings-MacDermott's thoughtful and engaging lyrics are something to believe in, for sure. In addition to our collective urgency to find peace, we also need to believe that Bush will go back to Texas in November, with your help.


THE WAR IS OVER 3:08  It's true, David Rovics has a tight fist on the pulse of intervention through music. Since the mid-90's, he has spent most of his time on tour, playing concerts across the US, Canada and Europe. Here, he gives us this song of lies that George W Bush started propagating back when he thought he could do what he wanted (and perhaps more importantly, what Dick Cheney wanted) in 2003. David is an established voice in musical protest against the Bush Company administration, and he should be commended for that service to our country.

THE WAR IS OVER c 2003 David Rovics (BMI)

unlike some folks we know of, we actually are "uniters, not dividers"

sea lion records brought together the artists for this compilation, in the hope that all this great music in one place will inspire folks out there to participate in the ongoing political dialogue, in whatever way(s) you see fit.

remember... it's now or never... use it or lose it... just do it...


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Saturday, July 10, 2004

White House Abuse of Science


On February 18, 2004, 62 preeminent scientists including Nobel laureates, National Medal of Science recipients, former senior advisers to administrations of both parties, numerous members of the National Academy of Sciences, and other well-known researchers released a statement titled Restoring Scientific Integrity in Policy Making. In this statement, the scientists charged the Bush administration with widespread and unprecedented "manipulation of the process through which science enters into its decisions." The scientists’ statement made brief reference to specific cases that illustrate this pattern of behavior. In conjunction with the statement, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) released detailed documentation backing up the scientists’ charges in its report, Scientific Integrity in Policy Making.

Since the release of the UCS report in February, the administration has continued to undermine the integrity of science in policy making seemingly unchecked. Many scientists have spoken out about their frustration with an administration that has undermined the quality of the science that informs policy making by suppressing, distorting, or manipulating the work done by scientists at federal agencies and on scientific advisory panels. For instance, Michael Kelly, a biologist who had served at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service for nine years, recently resigned his position and issued an indictment of Bush administration practices. As Kelly wrote, "I speak for many of my fellow biologists who are embarrassed and disgusted by the agency’s apparent misuse of science."1

Scientific Integrity in Policy Making: Further investigation of the Bush administration's abuse of science investigates several new incidents that have surfaced since the February 2004 UCS report. These new incidents have been corroborated through in-depth interviews and internal government documents, including some documents released through the Freedom of Information Act. The cases that follow include:

  • egregious disregard of scientific study, across several agencies, regarding the environmental impacts of mountaintop removal mining;
  • censorship and distortion of scientific analysis, and manipulation of the scientific process, across several issues and agencies in regard to the Endangered Species Act;
  • distortion of scientific knowledge in decisions about emergency contraception;
  • new evidence about the use of political litmus tests for scientific advisory panel appointees. These new revelations put to rest any arguments offered by the administration that the cases to date have been isolated incidents involving a few bad actors.

Concern in the scientific community has continued to grow. In the months since the original UCS report, more than 4,000 scientists have signed onto the scientists’ statement. Signers include 48 Nobel laureates, 62 National Medal of Science recipients, and 127 members of the National Academy of Sciences. A number of these scientists have served in multiple administrations, both Democratic and Republican, underscoring the unprecedented nature of this administration’s practices and demonstrating that the issues of scientific integrity transcend partisan politics.

The United States has an impressive history of investing in and reaping the benefits of scientific research. The actions by the Bush administration threaten to undermine the morale and compromise the integrity of scientists working for and advising America’s world-class governmental research institutions and agencies. Not only does the public expect and deserve government to provide it with accurate information, the government has a responsibility to ensure that policy decisions are not based on intentionally or knowingly flawed science. To do so carries serious implications for the health, safety, and environment of all Americans.

Given the lack of serious consideration and response by the administration to concerns raised by scores of prominent scientists, UCS is committed to continuing to investigate and publicize cases—corroborated by witnesses and documentation—in which politics is allowed to stifle or distort the integrity of the scientific process in governmental policy making. UCS—working with scientists across many disciplines, other organizations, and elected officials—will also seek to develop and implement solutions that will protect government scientists from retribution when they bring scientific abuse to light, provide better scientific advice to Congress, strengthen the role of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, strengthen and ensure adherence to conflict of interest guidelines for federal advisory panels, and ensure full access to government scientific analysis that has not been legitimately classified for national security reasons.

Download the new report.

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Friday, July 09, 2004

100 MP3 blogs

Thursday, July 08, 2004

MP3 Blogs

Since you can't really find much but the same lousy 9 songs on the radio, consider checking out an MP3 blog:   

"A new genre of Web sites that offer an eclectic mix of free music downloads may not be strictly legit,  but the sites' creators say they're doing the beleaguered  record industry a favor.

Named for the MP3 music format and the popular self-published Web sites known as blogs, they are part online mixtape, part diary, and part music magazine.

The tunes are drawn from remixes, forgotten genres and out-of-print albums, usually accompanied by detailed descriptions and reviews.

"Most of the artists that I cover are pretty obscure, and I like to help them get a bit of publicity and grassroots  support," said Matthew Perpetua, a DJ, freelance writer and creator of Fluxblog (, one of the oldest MP3 blogs.

"The blog also serves as a musical diary for my own purposes," Perpetua said. "It's interesting to go back through it and see what I was interested in, and how my tastes ebb and  flow."

Current offerings at Fluxblog include an obscure funk duet  by Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby and an unreleased single by songstress Fiona Apple. Once listeners find an MP3 blogger with a simpatico musical  taste, they can check back daily for new tunes. MP3 blogs are intricately cross-referenced via long lists of links, and hopping from site to site can easily consume several hours.

Well-known blogs include Soul Sides (, which has  underground hip-hop and forgotten R&B; The Tofu Hut (, whose offerings range from  gospel artists Blind Mamie and A.C. Forehand to rockabilly  performer Carl Perkins to soul god Donnie Hathaway; and Said the Gramophone (, which has indie rock, folk music and hip-hop.

Here are a few others web sites:   

Music for Robots
-- A group blog with genres including electronica, hip-hop  and punk

Largehearted Boy
-- Prolific postings of live sets and B-sides

Ready Rock Moe Rex
-- Recent postings include Afrobeat and R&B

The Number One Songs in Heaven
-- Old school funk and soul

The Suburbs Are Killing Us
-- Recent postings include reggae and folk


See also:  our very next post:  100 MP3 Blogs


Livewire: MP3 Blogs Serve Rare Songs, Dusty Grooves
By Adam Pasick
Reuters, Wed Jul 7, 2004 02:57 PM ET                           

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Health benefits of Coffee ?


Any occasional reader of this blog should be familiar with how seriously I take my coffee (Your Coffee Sucks!). So you can imagine my delight while visiting in Chitown when I picked up the Chicago Tribune and saw an article discussing the growing evidence on the health benefits of a cup of joe. The latest research reveals a linkage between coffee drinking and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes -- "a growing health epidemic that is closely linked to the rising rates of obesity." And then there's this factoid: Finland has the world's highest per capita coffee consumption(?!?) That's where researchers discovered that coffee appeared to have a protective effect against the development of type 2 diabetes. The more cups of coffee consumed, the greater the protection.

Here's an excerpt:

"Some people just can't get started in the morning without a freshly brewed cup of joe. For others, this beloved beverage has become more than a morning routine. A stop at the local coffeehouse for a cappuccino or iced mocha has become an afternoon tradition.

Though the virtues of coffee drinking may have been debated in the past, now there appear to be new reasons to rejoice over java. More and more studies have linked coffee consumption to a number of health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, gallstones, colon cancer and potentially heart disease.

"Coffee has much more in it than caffeine," said Dr. PeMartin, director of the Vanderbilt University's Institute for Coffee Studies, which conducts medical research on coffee and is funded by a grant from a consortium of coffee-producing countries. "It's a very complex beverage that contains hundreds of compounds, including many with antioxidant effects."

Though the tea industry has been touting its antioxidants, turns out coffee may contain even more--specifically polyphenols. One of the most potent antioxidants in coffee is called chlorogenic acid, which is partially responsible for the coffee flavor. Some reports estimate that more than 850 compounds are packed inside the humble bean.

Martin said that the roasting process appears to change the structure of the compounds in coffee--boosting the potential disease-fighting benefits. Martin, who is also a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Vanderbilt, is looking at the potential use of coffee compounds to treat addiction and depression. Past studies indicate that coffee may help lift moods, reduce anxiety and depression, and even reduce the risk of suicide.

Fascinating stuff -- and quite delicious!

No clouds in your coffee
Drink up, evidence is growing on the health benefits of a cup of joe
Janet Helm, Special to the Tribune
Published July 7, 2004,1,1948678.story

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Flying Dog Microbrew

Love the name of this micro beer: Flying dog


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