Friday, July 23, 2004

The Truth About Cars: RX8

The Truth About Cars is one of those terrific websites that have yet to be found by the mainstream press. Put out by a pair of freelance automotive journalists -- Robert Farago and Chris Paukert -- its heavy on reviews, and light on filler.

I particularly liked their recent review of the RX8:

"Imagine you’re zizzing along in third gear, waiting for an opportunity to put pedal to metal. The instant you floor it, the RX8’s tacho needle begins an Olympic sprint around the dial straight to - hold on, is that really 9000rpms? “Nine”, as in one before “ten”? After a few seconds spent listening to the binging rev limiter, you look down at the speedo and discover you’re doing over 80mph, with three more gears available for your dining and dancing pleasure. All of which offer identical levels of blender-smooth grunt and go.

Slot the flyweight gearbox into fourth, fifth or sixth. Guide the RX8 into a bend. Notice that the turn-in is quick, crisp and accurate. As you seek out the apex of the turn, the RX8’s perfectly-balanced chassis adjusts to your throttle and helm inputs both intimately and infinitely. You can change your attitude mid-corner without life-threatening repercussions."


Source: The Truth About Cars

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Yeah, we're efficient (posted my comments on the wrong story). Anyway, again, if you can write and want to write about cars for a site that tells it like it is (this excerpt is a bit happy clappy; check out the other stuff), drop me a line.

Posted by: Robert Farago | Jul 25, 2004 8:02:50 AM

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