Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I am seriously tired of Blockbuster

Is it just me, or does Blockbuster Video, well, kinda blow?

Between the satellite dish and TiVo, I rent videos much less than I used to. Every now and again, I'll rent something special like LOTR Return of the King or The Triplets of Belleville.

So I do just that today. I learn: 1) the price has crept up to $4.49 per rental; and b) I owe a $4.49 late fee from June.

Splain this to me, Lucy: I rented a movie in June for $4 for a week. It got returned a day late. The fee is another $4 for the extra 12 hours. WTF?

That's why I think Blockbuster blows. Its penny ante, nickel and dime bulls$%# like that which is just so annoying. They always seem to have their hands in my pocket.

Funny thing is, DVDs are actually a much better experience -- picture-quality wise, alternative endings, out-takes, additional material.

Oh, well, too bad. Video on Demand inches closer every day, and dinosaurs like Blockbuster end up with customers who cannot wait for them to go belly up.

I know I am not the only one waiting to say: Buh-Bye!

: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition)
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

: The Triplets of Belleville
The Triplets of Belleville

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You look like a candidate for NetFlix!

Posted by: Dave | Aug 30, 2004 5:09:02 PM

I had an accumulated late fee for something one of my kid's freinds had rented with my card. I refused to pay it, told them they should have contacted me the day it was late not months later. I got a few letters from a collection agency which I dumped in the trash. Then I waited several more months and got a new membership with using my same name & ID.


Posted by: Dennis | Aug 31, 2004 7:44:13 AM

I left Blockbuster for Netflix. Netflix has a great service. However, I'm now thinking about dropping Netflix after purchasing a Tivo two weeks ago.

Posted by: Shane | Aug 31, 2004 8:14:19 AM

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