Sunday, August 22, 2004

The God of War, Death & Madness

Unbelievably fascinating post about "Kerry the Slayer" and the foolishness of GOP funded Swift Boat nonsense. The original is quite long, but here's an excerpt that will give you the flavor of the original:

"Look at you people with this Vietnam boat nonsense. Every day, you're pounding home the fact that Kerry fought in Vietnam. You jackasses started this stuff so early -- with the "Oh he protested the war" and the Jane Fonda photoshops -- that the Kerry people turned the whole Democratic convention into a celebration of the Vietnam War. Nobody even remembers being against Vietnam anymore. The next Vietnam movie will be a buddy comedy starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and all they're going to do is kill Charlie and win medals and dance with beautiful girls. It'll make $300 million on the opening weekend. They're going to tear down that bummer memorial in Washington and put up a 1,000-foot statue of a smiling American soldier proudly standing on a stack of golden skulls. You morons have made Vietnam the Democrats' favorite memory and greatest victory. Then you scream hooray when a gang of addled old Nixon bagmen show up in a teevee commercial to bitch about Kerry fighting in Vietnam, and once again the normal people with lives only remember, again, that Kerry fought in Vietnam and Bush didn't."

"But," Tim sputtered, "Kerry clearly claimed he was in Cambodia several days before he was in Cambodia. It was seared--"

"Stop that," I said, poking his neck with the corkscrew worm. "Listen to yourself. What are you doing, again? That's right, you're reminding people that the other guy fought in Vietnam. Have you become so brain dead that you think this helps your girly boy Bush? Do you honestly believe the coward boy can beat the War Monster?"

Blair tried to shake the confusion from his head. Then his eyes brightened for a moment and he said, "Four months! Kerry was only in Vietnam for four months!"

"See? You did it again. You people can't stop reminding everybody that Kerry was in Vietnam, taking lives like your boy eats cookies. Killing people, saving people, holding Life & Death in his hands like a savage gift. He kills the Viet Cong or anybody else he chooses, he saves a U.S. sailor who fell out of the boat, he walks the halls of the Senate deciding who he'll kill or who he'll save In Vietnam, Kerry is a death's head of gruesome power, while your Bush hides in Alabama, a scared little girl. And what did little Bush do in Texas?"

Blair grinned, foolishly thinking the ball was again in his court. "He killed many people in Texas. All those executions ...."

"Ha! Your girly Bush killed nobody. He signed off on lethal injections. He's a middle manager in a cubicle at the suburban branch of the Bank of Death, initialing memos he doesn't even know how to read. What kind of Texas oilman is your little girl? You ever see 'Dallas'?"

Incredible . . . Read the rest

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Swift Boat Firefight 101


More on the swift boat brouhaha via the Washington Post. The rest of the media has followed up on this, from the NYTimes to Knight Ridder.

I continue to think this is a losing approach by the incumbent, replete with the potential to backfire.

click for full size graphic
graphic courtesy of Washington Post

Combined with the recent revelations of the other surviving Swift Boat Captain in the Chicago Tribune, this issue should be laid to rest.

I believe its in the GOP's interest not to make this a centerpiece of their campaign. (They must think otherwise).

This is going to lead to places that they will be rather unhappy with . . .

Swift Boat Accounts Flawed
By Michael Dobbs
Washington Post, Sunday, August 22, 2004; Page A1


Military records support Kerry's account of Vietnam service
BY Joseph L. Galloway
Knight Ridder Newspapers, Fri, Aug. 20, 2004

Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad
Published: August 20, 2004

Records Counter a Critic of Kerry
Fellow Skipper's Citation Refers To Enemy FireBy Michael Dobbs
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 19, 2004; Page A01

Swift boat skipper: Kerry critics wrong
Tribune editor breaks long silence on Kerry record; fought in disputed battle
By Tim Jones
Tribune, August 21 2004,0,298096.story

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Don't be Stupid

I get a lot of email from various readers. It comes with the territory of having a media profile. Most of the time, the letters are thoughtful, intelligent, and bring up excellent points I might have overlooked.

Then, there are the idiots. Like the jackass that blamed the Bear Market on "the Jews." Or the guy who said I was responsible for eliminating his job (I was discussing the merits of the BLS Payroll versus Household surveys)

No big deal; You chalk it up to stupidity and move on.

Soon, I'm gonna start emailing this to people who are complete and total jerks:


via the fabulous gaping void

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Blog Moxie


These guys gals seem to do a very nice job on blog skins.

I'm thinking I could use a new look -- here, and at The Big Picture.

Any thoughts?

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Bob Harris rocks!

We previously mentioned Bob’s radio show backin March 2004, and he hasn’t dissappointed yet.


Anyone who can mix AC/DC’s It's A Long Way To The Top to the Stills’ Gender Bombs, then slide into Chuck Prophet’s Bomp Shoobee Doobee Bomp, only to effortlessly segue into Joni Mitchell’s Coyote has got mad skills.

Check out his BBC 2 show (Saturday) or my favorite, the BBC 6 show (Sunday show).

Shows stay up on line all week; You can see his playlists here

My ongoing affection for the musical programming prowess of Bob Harris continues unabated . . .

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Daily Show skewers SBVFT


The Daily Show skewers the dishonest Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Jon Stewart delivers an absolutely devastating critique of this “dishonorable” group of liars.

Its more than merely hysterical -- its instructive to the rest of the media. Too bad the mainstream press isn't as savvy as Stewart.

If I was advising the Kerry campaign, I’d schedule him for Monday's show -- on the condition that Stewart rerun that bit about the SBVFT:

(Commercial intro: 4 different SBV each say "I served with John Kerry")

Jon Stewart: These are powerful indictments -- or rather, they would be, had any of these guys served on Kerry's Boat. You see, by "serving with Kerry" they mean they were in Viet Nam the same time he was . . . Kinda the way Snoopy "served" with the Red Barron . . ."

Then I'd have Kerry lay down a challenge to the rest of the media: See if you can keep up with the standards of a low budget, basic cable channel comedy show. If not, then keep the candidate coming back to TDS to have them do what the media simply has has not been able to: Tell the truth.

As an aside, the “Press” is rapidly becoming the "overpriced CD" of news content. Blogs and TDS are the MP3s in this equation (with blogging software as the P2P in this equation). If the media doesn't catch a clue -- and real quickly -- they will find themselves becoming increasingly marginalized, just as the big music labels have. Blogs didn't arise in a vaccuum -- they came about due to the incompetance and failures of the major press to find the truth, post-2000.

See also "It's Funny Because It's True "

UPDATE: August 20, 2004 11:28am

The New York Times actually got a clue! So does They went how wild today, with a front page story. Inside, they do a full chart which looks like it was lifted right from various left center blogs.

click for larger chart
graphic courtesy NYT

click for larger chart
graphic courtesy NYT

Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad
Published: August 20, 2004

Records Counter a Critic of Kerry
Fellow Skipper's Citation Refers To Enemy FireBy Michael Dobbs
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 19, 2004; Page A01

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Thursday, August 19, 2004


Toogle: Google image search represented in ASCII.


via Metafilter

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bush/Kerry Speech Experiment

This is a fascinating story, pointed to via Dan Froomkin' WaPo blog:

It seems a College Prof did a small experiment: He went to a Bush speech, and a Kerry speech. The twist was, he wore a Kerry/Edwards shirt to Bush's speech, and a Bush/Cheney shirt to Kerry's speech.

Guess what happened?

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Goat Boy Rises


Last we posted on Bill Hicks (No joke), it was the 10th anniversary of his death.

Through the miracle of archived content, the New Yorker was nice enough to make the following story available for free. Go read the whole thing, than buy some Hicks CDs.

Here's an excerpt:

On October 1st, the comedian Bill Hicks, after doing his twelfth gig on the David Letterman show, became the first comedy act to be censored at CBS’s Ed Sullivan Theatre, where Letterman is now in residence, and where Elvis Presley was famously censored in 1956. Presley was not allowed to be shown from the waist down. Hicks was not allowed to be shown at all. It’s not what’s in Hicks’ pants but what’s in his head that scared the CBS panjandrums. Hicks, a tall thirty-one-year-old Texan with a pudgy face aged beyond its years from hard living on the road, is no motormouth vulgarian but an exhilarating comic thinker in a renegade class all his own. Until the ban, which, according to Hicks, earned him “more attention than my other eleven appearances on Letterman times one hundred,” Hicks’ caustic observations and mischievous cultural connections had found a wide audience in England, where he is something of a cult figure.

I caught up with Hicks backstage on a rainy Sunday last November at the Dominion Theatre, in London, where a record-breaking crowd of two thousand Brits was packed so tightly that they were standing three deep at the back of the dress circle to hear Hicks deliver some acid home truths about the U.S.A., which to him stands for United States of Advertising. Hicks thinks against society and insists on the importance of this intellectual freedom as a way to inspire others to think for themselves. “To me, the comic is the guy who says ‘Wait a minute’ as the consensus forms,” Hicks told me as we climbed the stairs to his dressing room. “He’s the antithesis of the mob mentality. The comic is a flame—like Shiva the Destroyer, toppling idols no matter what they are. He keeps cutting everything back to the moment.”

Even then, the talk about courting comic danger had Hicks worrying about his prospects in America. “Comedy in the States has been totally gutted,” he told me when we’d settled into the dressing room. “It’s commercialized. They don’t have people on TV who have points of view, because that defies the status quo, and we can’t have that in the totalitarian mind-control government that runs the fuckin’ airwaves. I can’t get a shot there. I get David Letterman a lot. I love Letterman, but every time I go on, we have tiffs over material. They love me, but his people have this fictitious mainstream audience they think they play to. It’s untrue. It doesn’t exist. I like doing the show, but it’s almost like working a puzzle: How can I be me in the context of doing this material? The best thing I do is make connections. I connect everything. It’s hard to do it in six minutes.”

Very cool . . .

The Goat Boy Rises
by John Lahr
Issue of 1993-11-01
Posted 2004-08-02

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Super Villian Showdown


via Defective Yeti

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