Monday, September 13, 2004

Kiss My Shiny Metal Daffodil

The 25 Best Futurama Moments Ever
written by Justin, Bill, and B - July 20th, 2004

Its a shame when a great show gets cancelled before its time. As a fan, youre often times left to wallow in remorse and self-pity wondering whats left worth living for. Usually when coming up with ways to cope with the loss, youre faced with one of the following four options;

1: Support the show even after its demise by buying the episodes on DVD. If consumer demand is great enough theres always a chance the show will be brought back for another run.

2: Hurl inflammatory remarks at the network responsible for its cancellation through means of an online petition. Be sure to include a part about how even if the show were to be brought back, you wouldnt watch it because youve boycotted the network forever unless the episode where Homer smokes weed comes on. weed=lol

3: Bitch about it on an newsgroup. Dont forget to clarify that FOX is actually more like COX in the sense that they suck a lot of them. Also, make it a point to concede that the series was already going downhill anyway and that [insert late series episode here] was, in fact, the Worst. Episode. Ever.

4: Compile a list of the series greatest moments for an entertainment website.

A terrific compilation of an hysterical show . . .

  • : Futurama, Vol. 1

  • : Futurama, Vol. 2

  • : Futurama, Vol. 3

  • : Futurama, Vol. 4

  • : Futurama - Volumes 1-3

  • Matt Groening: Futurama-O-Rama
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