Saturday, November 06, 2004

Voting: Free versus Slave States

Sensory Overload contributes what is probably the most disturbing map pair of the entire series: How did the Free States vote, and how did the Slave States cast their ballots?



Oh, how far we've come...

via Sensory Overload

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Sensory Overload contributes what is probably the most disturbing map pair of the entire series: How did the Free States vote, and how did the Slave States cast their ballots? Oh, how far we've come... via Sensory Overload... [Read More]

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The reason for this is really clear to me and I want all you red staters to take careful note. This is not a hate filled rant, This is a moderate person who want's left alone, who does not want freedoms removed who doses not want to be forced to drink grape juice on Sunday with all the self made red staters out there.

I do not care about you, Kill your TV, Stop Whining.. You have the PTL club I prefer playboy channel. Stop watching MY channel and whining about it. You don't see me lobbying to shut Fallwell up, Why do I need to, someone will eventually. Go pitch a tent in your own Church's front yard if you love it so much. Don't go have an abortion then if you don't believe it is not for you. I could go on and on, the difference between you and I is an Un-bridgeable Gap. I don't care about you. But I know you want total control over me. Cannot you all just go back into your house, pull your curtains and stop trying to look in my windows all the time?

I don't care about Abortions, But I don't believe bringing an unwanted child into the world is pro life either. If you try shoving your religion down my throat, that will be worse for you dear red stater than it will ever be for me. You need to learn that I want to live my life the way I want to and I will run you over in the crosswalk so as to make sure I can. This is still a free country. I will not give up my control over my life.

Dear red stater it is time to put away your crack pipe. Voting for Bush because he claims to be a man of god is insanity. He has put the country to war and not bothering to do it right as his corporate raider buddies fleece us of our last dimes. Every american citizen will pay $25,000 to extract us from W's Debt. I am so glad you like him and a nice guy and a believer of god... Yeah... You like him? Fine. You got him. Now you pay for him.

Now my dear red staters... you all go tend to your own damn business and stay the hell outa mine. I am not interested in cleaning up the mess you find to be completely acceptable to you. Tell Ya what, You pay off the debt your own selves. We in the Blue states are tired of paying the taxes that carry you anyway. Y'all go away now y'heah? Just remember if you are looking into the way I live my life, and you find it offensive, you are NOT MINDING YOUR BUSINESS!! Now get back Loretta! Take you pilgrim utopia and go. Most of us want nothing to do with you.

Posted by: Heavy Sigh | Nov 25, 2004 2:00:47 AM

I think Heavy Sigh has a good point. It does seem like the red states want to force the rest of america to live their way. What ever happened to mind your own biz and live your own life? I think a lot of people feel that the red states want to take away civil rights and liberties. We will all be forced to go to church with them and if we don't they will get us fired from out jobs, or lose our homes. They want us all to work at walmart for noting as they outsource our jobs...

It seems like red state people want to take away all my freedoms to do what I like, however I like. It seems to me they don't have it figured out to me though. I wish they would just go away like a bad dream. If you want to watch little house on the prairie and leave it to beaver fine, Don't force it on me. I don't force you to do what I like. In fact I live happier when I don't have to think of how you live at all.

I wish we could all just go back to living however we want to. but I bet this will become worse before it gets better.

Posted by: listen | Nov 25, 2004 8:42:49 AM

Marc makes a point about someone's earlier comment concerning Lincoln being a Republican and the nature of the Republican vs. Democratic party system at the time. This has been a major problem, since many Republican figures have often compared themselves to Lincoln and his party at the time, including figures like Reagan, Bush Senior, and "W". This is a disgusting example of mass historical ignorance and if people would read their history books they would find that the parties drastically switched core ideologies during the presidency of Lyndon B Johnson. So to say that Lincoln would have won based on the number of red states is ridiculous. Lincoln would of won because he can pull off the whole chin beard and top hat scheme.

As far as red state voters being "duped", that comment does not mean they are dumb, it just means they were fooled. That's what "duped" means, it means you were fooled and lied to or taken in. Simply put, Bush won this election by invoking fear and sincere questions of morality to which he claimed he had the ultimate answer. His platform was simply, if you don't vote for me, we will get bombed, your sons and daughters will become gay, and babies will be slaughtered left and right. What god-fearing American could resist that? To his credit, Bush is all about a "culture of life" as he so poignantly put it, as long as that "life" has never committed a crime or is American. Bush really believes he is fighting some archaic, biblical war between good and evil, like his own personal "Prophecy" will Donald Rumsfeld standing in for Christopher Walken. And while on one hand, Bush denounces the idea of government intervening with people's private lives (such as government healthcare, social security, etc.), he fully believes that it's necessary for government to involve itself in private matters of who you wish to marry and what children you're interested in bringing into the world.

Not to sound too pessimistic or cynical, but nothing is really going to change for the better in the next four years. Bush may say he wants to put aside party differences and unite America, but there's really no reason why he would do that. He's won the election, his party is gripping the reigns of the federal government, and the Christian Right has surfaced in massive numbers to live and die by the Word. Unless the democrats and more particularly, the left, finds some cohesion and forms a consistent core ideology, little will stop the Fox News watching-right until they have overturned everything that doesn't fit their vision of America. The only thing that held the left together in the past election was "Not Bush" and that's not enough to secure the majority.

A final note to everyone who voted for Bush: if the war keeps getting nastier and nastier, you can't complain about for the next four years, after all, you voted for the leader of it; if the economy crashes and burns like the Hindenburg, you can't complain about it because you put your confidence in leader who put questions of morality above questions of economic security and progress; if your son or daughter can't afford to go to college because there is no financial aid available, you can't complain about it because you elected a leader that has consistently forced states to cut their education budgets; if the air becomes thick with smog, water spicy with mercury and arson, and the trees thinner and thinner, you can't complain, after all, you picked a guy whose idea of environmental conservation is about as scientifically sound as palm reading. Enjoy.

Posted by: travis | Nov 30, 2004 1:04:35 PM

That's fun! Until today I didn't know this was being circulated so widely.

I was the person who created that map comparison and presented it on Nov. 6, 2004, at the Radical Philosophy Association Annual Conference in a talk entitled “American Fascism in the Equation of American Empire” (it is on page 17 of the workbook I handed out with the talk). Afterwards I gave an electonic version to someone who was at the conference who then apparently started the snowball rolling in the internet.

Along with the map comparison I provided the following comparison of comments about "moral values" on page 18.


What exactly are “Moral Values”?

CBS News
60 Minutes
Moral Values: A Decisive Issue?
Nov. 3, 2004

Voters focused on four issues: moral values, the economy, terrorism and the war in Iraq. The issue most voters thought was most important was moral values.

For those voters, the choice was lopsided: 79 percent went for Mr. Bush, and only 18 percent for Kerry.

Was it the decisive issue in this election?

"There were 11 states with definition of marriage, opposition to same-sex marriage initiatives on the ballot," says Frankovic. "We were aware of the discussion of religion, so when this issue [moral values] beat out the economy, beat out terrorism, beat out Iraq, I think it was something that sort of struck us as important."

What exactly are those moral values? Different voters defined them differently, but those who voted for Mr. Bush oppose gay marriage and feel matrimony ought to be a union between a man and a woman. They also oppose abortion rights to some degree, and oppose broader government support for stem-cell research.


A History of The Defense of Slavery In America
Larry E. Tise (University of Georgia)

"The Oracular Decisions of God have positively declared that the Slave-Trade is intrinsically good and licit, [and that the holding of slaves] is perfectly consonant to the principles of the Law of Nature, the Mosaic Dispensation, and the Christian Law" wrote one Raymond Harris in Scriptural Researches on the Licitness of the Slave-Trade. Thus, he said, slavery has "the positive sanction of God in its support."

White Southerners' Defense of Slaveholding
The Spectator, December 6, 1859, p. 2, c. 1

The intelligent, christian slave-holder at the South is the best friend of the negro. He does not regard his bonds-men as mere chattel property, but as human beings to whom he owes duties. While the Northern Pharisee will not permit a negro to ride on the city railroads, Southern gentlemen and ladies are seen every day, side by side, in cars and coaches, with their faithful servants. Here the honest black man is not only protected by the laws and public sentiment, but he is respected by the community as truly as if his skin were white. Here there are ties of genuine friendship and affection between whites and blacks, leading to an interchange of all the comities of life. The slave nurses his master in sickness, and sheds tears of genuine sorrow at his grave. When sick himself, or overtaken by the infirmity of age, he is kindly cared for, and when he dies the whites grieve, not for the loss of so much property, but for the death of a member of the family.--This is the relation which slaves generally, and domestic servants universally, sustain to their white masters.


One of my several points of discusson of course is that the media reporting that "moral values" was a deciding factor in the election just because certain people called their views "moral values" is absolutely no indication that actual moral values were involved at all.

My underlying purpose it to inform people that Fascists always use "moral values" as a label for their views in order to innoculate their positions against reasoned evaluation. If you call it a moral value then it takes on the tinge of "religion" and we "know" that everyone has their freedom of religious views in the USA, don't we? Such sanctimony and moralism are one of the 10 key factors in identifying fascism.

I certainly agree that the maps generate a Rorschach like experience. But let's remember that such imagining does have a shared basis, otherwise the Rorschach itself couldn't be interpreted. Some of the shared views of these maps are of course the many comments about the "Southern Strategy" adoped by the Republicans and the Confederacy Conservativism that gives the Republican Party its core of believers.

The great irony is of course that the Conferacy Conservatives are being shamelessly used by the plutocrates in the Republican Party to give them the votes to make themselves richer at the expense of those very same Confederacy Conservatives.

See comments re these maps other blogs:

Gregory Wonderwheel

Posted by: Gregory Wonderwheel | Dec 1, 2004 2:36:38 AM

a correction to the entry i made earlier, it is supposed to be Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and not Lyndon B Johnson...i have no idea why LBJ was on my mind and pulled the freudian slip.

Posted by: travis | Dec 1, 2004 11:04:47 PM

i don't even know how i ended up on this sight, reading these comments. i couldn't let this one go -

"You have to understand that in the near future we will always need oil and we have to get it somewhere, it does not grow on trees. You whine about the people dying in Iraq, and animals being killed, but they are dying because the way liberals vote they would rather see babies and soldiers die than any animals." posted by charles on nov. 21st.

wow. how uneducated can you be? any diesel car can run off USED, MODIFIED VEGETABLE OIL, my friend. it's been around for years. it's called biodiesel. there has also been this wonderful invention of the electric car. it is possible to keep the earth intact, let the animals live, and still get to work if you *insist* on driving. small steps, but the people who *do* still care about this planet are constantly coming up with less toxic - on every level - alternatives for crude oil. you just have to be willing to make the changes and care a little bit about other living things, besides yourself.

Posted by: eval | Dec 3, 2004 4:15:23 AM

adding to eval's dec 3 2004 comment on charles from nov 21 2004:
"oil doesn't grow on trees..."
besides biodiesel from many oil crops (grains, soy, and in the tropics, oil palm), don't forget ethanol in two main categories: the traditional form from sugars in fruit (the biggest ones in use now are cane sugar, mainly in Brazil, and corn in the USA), plus a technologically new category: ligno-cellulosic ethanol. This is produced from practically any vegetation, either leftover crop material or energy crops specifically grown for the biomass. This is a huge subject, with decades of research, several companies on the verge of breaking into the bigtime, and yes, one major feedstock for the process is woodchips -- alcohol as a replacement fuel for oil does, as a matter of fact, grow on trees. The Depts of Energy and Ag released a study in Spring 2005 estimating that we could totally replace the use of oil in the USA with locally grown alcohol, biodiesel and another form of diesel fuel, "thermo-chemically" produced diesel.

Posted by: rick | Apr 25, 2005 12:09:48 AM

A friend pointed me to this thread.

Bush is more correctly anti-abortion.

As for the Red States wanting to tell everyone what they should do, the issue is that the Red States want to be able to decide about limitations about such things as abortion and not have activist judges make those decisions for them.

As to the statement that Bush is against abortion even if the mother is dying, that's just false.

As far as Iraq figuring into a pro-life or not argument, I would say that is really outside of that scope since the war in terror in general was forced on him (and no I don't want to debate about Iraq-terror links .. read todays Wall Street Journal article on this). The point is that FDR wasn't considered "anti-life" because he wanted to fight a war or LBJ or Ike. War is a seperate issue altogether.

Now, if you want to argue the death penalty as being not a good thing if you are pro-life then I'm okay with that argument although Kerry supporting abortion which ends millions of lives versus Bush's 500+ execution of convicted criminals really isn't a place of strength to argue from.

Posted by: Oz | Jul 13, 2005 3:05:34 PM

Putting aside political differences for a sec, I think we can all agree that we want the best for our nation, we want to live happy lives and be prosperous and genuine.

I myself would be considered a "liberal", although I'm really just a person who doesn't want our country to end up in ashes, so taking appropriate steps to avoid that outcome I can agree with. It is ONLY MY OPINION that the war in Iraq is a necessary step to ensure the security of our nation. I also realize that security can be an illusion, as any one of you or I could easily walk into a McDonalds, or anywhere for that matter and do some real damage - it happens everyday.

However, I believe that Bush has acted too slowly in this "War on Terror", and he has not stuck by his word (surprise surprise) that he would be aggressive in pursuing the terrorists. Anyone who can read will know that there are five main countries that finance the terrorist groups in the middle east - Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. So far we have knocked that number down to three, but there is still more work to be done. Our government knows that the majority of terrorist headquarters are located in Iran (because we have yet to touch it), and that the Saudi Royal Family are the main funders of our enemies.

Now I am certainly NOT pro-war at all, however I do think it is in the interest of THE GLOBE that we pursue this war and somehow convince the "Axis of Evil" to stop funding these groups. There are other ways to go about it then sending in artillery. For instance, were you aware that the majority of Iranians support our efforts and want US to help THEM out by funding the revolutionary groups? They too are sick of their corrupt and dangerous regime, and want nothing more than for democracy to be spread their way (

That being said, I think President Bush needs to stick to his word and help out the innocent civilians who are waiting patiently for the breath of democracy and freedom to come their way.

Also, you must realize that, as Westerners, we view time much differently than our counterparts in the East. As a society we are impatient, short-tempered, and often act hastily without ever thinking about the consequences of our actions (maybe because of the greed instilled in our society?) However, Easterners are much more patient, forbearing and observant. They had planned 9/11 for years, and undoubtedly continue to plan for mass destruction. As the only country to step up to the plate (and it's too late, because we already have taken the initiative), it is now our duty to stop these people from obtaining WMDs and causing some serious damage. This is a REAL threat we face today, and if anybody would say otherwise, I think they should follow the news a bit more closely than they have been.

To leave you with a quote:

"To continue to say "faster, please" is like spitting into the wind. We're back at September 10, waiting for our enemies to rouse us from our contented torpor."
-Michael Leeden

Posted by: Spitting in the Wind | Jul 28, 2005 1:31:18 AM

To the person quoting the Bible and Jesus' message as being "Liberal":

Jesus' message is "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

That is one of the fundamental ideologies behind the Conservative Republican Party. Jesus was a Bush Supporter :)

Posted by: Brian | Aug 15, 2005 1:32:25 PM

Brian -

Jesus had another message - turn the other cheek. Bush is not a Jesus supporter. He is a wartime President.

Posted by: Spitting in the Wind | Sep 21, 2005 4:47:42 PM

Are you people honestly arrogant enough to attempt to know the mind of Jesus? I hate to tell you this but I doubt very much our petty politics are given much thought by HIM.

Posted by: eve | Feb 5, 2006 12:18:39 PM

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Posted by: huihui | Oct 11, 2006 8:36:23 PM


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Posted by: 货架 | Jun 10, 2007 6:51:56 PM

Bush is the worst President this country has seen for a century. Conservatives are racists who only care about themselves and their interests, and not the lives of anyone else, just like the South did in the Civil War. All the Confederacy wanted was what was good for them: slavery, and they did not care about the slave at all.

Posted by: bob | Nov 11, 2007 9:13:00 PM

Anybody remember their history lessons?
I didn't think so.

After the American Civil War, the Republicans in Congress wanted to punish the South for the war. The were actually referred to as Radical Republicans.

This map comparison shows American Irony.
We got it by the truckload.

Posted by: Frank Booth | Jan 22, 2008 10:29:19 AM

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