Friday, December 24, 2004

Off the Beaten Path

Mixed CD:   Off the Beaten Path



Song Band Album Time
Gender Bombs The Stills Logic Will Break Your Heart   4:04
Sunshinin' The Vines    Highly Evolved   2:43
Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl   3.36
Closer To You Wallflowers  Red Letter Days   3:17
Top Of The Pops The Smithereens  Blown To Smithereens   4.32
Nice Guy Eddie Epperley       The Tao Of Steve   4.45
Blister in the Sun Guster  MTV2 Album Covers   2.43
fashionably uninvited m e l l o w d r o n e A Demonstration Of Intellectual Property 3.53
Set You Free The Black  Keys Thickfreakness 2.45
just like larry dispatch who are we living 2.10
Closing Time Semisonic Feeling Strangely Fine  4.32
The Fun Lovin' Criminal Fun Lovin' Criminals    Come Find Yourself 3.11
Going The Distance Cake  Fashion Nugget 3.00
Song 2 (Wahoo) Blur Blur 2.01
A Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley E1vis: 30#1 Hits 3.31
The Outdoor Type The Lemonheads    The Tao Of Steve 2.33
Spill the Wine Los Mocosos Shades of Brown  4.58
Hits from the Bong Cypress Hill Black Sunday 2.40
Wannabe Zebrahead [email protected] 2.31
I'm for You Stewboss     Wanted a Girl 3.35
Buddy Bug
(Milo Z)
Joey Miserable and The Worms    Live at Nightingales 5.42
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Dada
Puzzle 4.42


About half of these songs are available for legal download on iTunes.

I have permission of the band to distribute Buddy Bug, by Joey Miserable and The Worms       


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