Sunday, January 30, 2005

175 Attacks on Election Day

The WSJ reported that voter turnout varied by town, and was strongest in Shiite and Kurdish areas.

U.S. officials recorded more than 175 attacks:


Baghdad:  A rocket killed a civilian and a sailor at the U.S. Embassy Saturday. On Sunday, mortars killed two people and eight suicide attacks killed at least a dozen near polling stations. An insurgent blew himself up near the home of Iraq's justice minister. Voter turnout was brisk in Shiite and Shiite-Sunni neighborhoods, but polls didn't open at all in some Sunni areas.

Hillah:  A bomber detonated his explosives on a minibus carrying voters to the polls in Hillah, killing himself and at least four other people.

Balad, Kirkuk and Mahawil:  Mortars hit several voting sites.

Basra, Mosul, Samarra and Baqouba:  Voting stations saw explosions early in the day, but no casualties were reported. By midday, hundreds of people were voting in Samarra and eastern Mosul, though the city's west saw guerrilla fighting that muted turnout.

Bayji, Fallujah and Ramadi:  Polling stations were all but deserted in these Sunni strongholds.

Northwest of Baghdad:  A British transport plane crashed. Up to 15 British troops are believed to have died.

City by City
WSJ, January 30, 2005

Despite Violence,  Iraqis Head to Polls In Large Numbers
FARNAZ FASSIHI in Baghdad, YOCHI J. DREAZEN in Irbil, Iraq, and NEIL KING JR. in Washington
WALL STREET JOURNAL, January 30, 2005,,SB110706335615640226,00.html

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