Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq's Oil Infrastructure

Iraq, with the 3rd largest proven crude oil reserves in the world, was supposed  to  pay for the cost of the war via Oil production.

It remains the least explored of the oil-rich Middle-Eastern countries. But its oil industry, according to a 2000 report, has serious technical and infrastructure problems.


Under optimal conditions, it is estimated Iraq could produce up to 6m barrels a day - almost double its peak of 3.5m, reached in 1979 before the war with Iran. Regular insurgent attacks on pipelines and pump stations have meant oil production rarely reaches its pre-invasion levels of about 2.5m barrels per day. In 2004, production is reported to have averaged 1.9m barrels. Sabotage on oil and power installations has cost Iraq more than $10bn.

Iraq's Oil Infrastructure

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