Thursday, February 10, 2005

Career-Builder's Viral Post-Superbowl Ad

The consensus was that most of the tamer Superbowl adverts were not likely the greatest use of corporate dollars. But in a few of the cases, companies managed to squeeze more mileage from their expensive ad buys. Todays NYT reports on Career-Builder's clever extension of their Superbowl ad, which showed a frustrated employee his co-workers are all "monkeys."

To keep the amusement going, however, Career Builder went viral:

Yeknom Industries Rebukes "sham"

Here's an excerpt from the NYT:

"MONKEY DO, MONKEY DON'T If Ameriquest was a stealth marketer during the Super Bowl, some advertisers with larger public presences also indulged in stealthy marketing.

For instance, CareerBuilder, a company owned by three major newspaper publishers that operates a job-search Web site (, gained enormous publicity for three commercials it ran during the game featuring chimpanzees as dysfunctional office workers.

The campaign, by Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago, also has an element intended to be discovered by computer users on their own: a Web site supposedly put up by the imaginary company for which the chimps work, Yeknom Industries (

"Yeknom" is "monkey" reversed.

"We're going after 20-somethings with a viral campaign," said Peter G. Krivkovich, the president and chief executive of Cramer-Krasselt, "and if they spend time on the site, it eventually bounces them back to"

One section of is devoted to a tongue-in-cheek call to boycott because of what the mock site decries as a "slanderous television campaign that uses editing tricks and disinformation to make Yeknom Industries the butt of their jokes."

Ameriquest Mortgage Spots Are Winners in Super Bowl Competition
NYT, February 9, 2005

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