Saturday, February 05, 2005

Traffic Ranking: 107!


Here's an interesting tidbit:  The Truth Laid Bear has The Big Picture (I tihnk that stat includes e&e) ranked 107, according to  site meter traffic stats. (That wedges us just under Simply recipes, but on top of ahead of GayPatriot). Around the election, we actually  hit  #53. Amazing!

I find these stats astounding, and wonder how accurate they are. This is hardly a general interest blog, and while I see some serious traffic spikes occasionally (via Carnival of the Capitalists, Altercation or Linkfilter), this is not a Daily Kos, Gizmodo or BoingBoing.

So all of you who keep coming by, thanks -- I try to keep this site interesting . . . and maybe soon I'll even get around to a redesign of the place one of these days.

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