Friday, February 11, 2005

Who is Deep Throat?


We're working on a theme here:  Who is Deep Throat?

Here's my pick:

Mark Felt, FBI Deputy Associate Director

Who is he? Now aged 90, Felt was deputy associate director at the time of Watergate.

When did the speculation begin? Felt was a prime candidate from the outset. He has been named as the most likely suspect in several studies, but has always denied it.

The case for: Felt had the motive. He was one of the J Edgar Hoover "old guard' at the FBI, and hoped to succeed the old man in 1972. Instead, Nixon picked a loyalist, L Patrick Gray, as acting director. Felt was the bureau's point man in dealings with the White House. He would have been fully abreast of the investigation into the break-in and would have known many of the leading actors. He was known to be a rare FBI operative who would return reporters' calls. The President's chief of staff, H R Haldeman, told Nixon that Felt was responsible for "most of" the leaks already plaguing the White House. Much has been made of a rumoured 1999 visit by Woodward to Felt's home in California. In 1999 a newspaper claimed that Carl Bernstein's son had told another boy that Felt was Deep Throat. Bernstein and Bernstein's former wife deny the allegation.

The case against: He has asserted that no single individual could have known everything that Deep Throat purportedly knew.

Go read the list, and pick your own front-runner.


Andrew Buncombe and Rupert Cornwell report
Independent News & Media, 09 February 2005

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I used to be pretty sure it was L. Patrick Gray for similar reasons, but I recently saw something that dismissed both Gray and Felt as possible Deep Throats: in the original type-written manuscript for *All The Presidents' Men* there are several places in which Deep Throat uses the expression "[so-and-so] CAME to the White House," instead of "[so-and-so] WENT to the White House." Any person who used the expression "CAME" to the White House, would have to already be working there himself or herself, rather than over at the Bureau. I now think that maybe it was Dave Gergen. Definitely *not* Pat Buchanan, as has often been suggested.

Posted by: Dave O'Gorman | Feb 24, 2005 5:55:54 PM

You were right! Mark Felt.

Posted by: Dave Machado | May 31, 2005 5:08:51 PM

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