Monday, March 28, 2005

Electric Scooter

A company named Vectrix has a new Electric Scooter coming out:


The stats on the bike are pretty cool:

On sale in Europe late this year;
25% cheaper Cost of Ownership;
lower maintenance costs ;
zero spent on gas;
nickel metal hydride batteries cost fifty cents to recharge;
top speed > 60 miles an hour;
range is ~68 miles at 30 mph;
recharge time is ~two hours;

The rechargeable electric scooter will cost $10,000; Parker Hannifin is an investor in the firm. Granted, its not a $300 scooter, but its still pretty cool looking . . .

Electric and Fuel Cell Scooters on the Horizon
March 20, 2005

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Thanks for picking up the story! I've just found out that I'll get a chance to test drive the Vectrix in May. I know that's a ways off, but check back.

Posted by: Frank Giovinazzi | Mar 28, 2005 6:03:56 PM

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