Sunday, March 27, 2005

Jews & Jesus

So I am having a pre-Easter conversation with a friend who grew up in a very Christian mid-Western town. Until he moved to New York, he had never met a person of Jewish faith (No, we never had a "dude, where are your horns?" moment).

He's now a very urbane New Yorker . . . Yet he's having a hard time wrapping his brain around the whole "Jesus being just another person of no particular religous significance to us Jews" thing.

I explain the whole waiting for the Messiah (Jewish) versus waiting for the Messiah's Second Coming (Christian).

He still doesn't get it.

He's a huge baseball fan, so I try to use the rooting for the home team analogy. After explaining that most of the world looks at Jesus that way, i.e., as just another philosopher, and that two thirds of the planet are not Christians, he starts to get an inkling of understanding. After all, you may not root for the other team's slugger, but you appreciate his RBIs and Home Run totals.

"So what is the Jews relationship to Jesus?" he asks.

"He was traded for a player to be named later . . ."

That he understands.

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