Monday, March 28, 2005

Video iPod ?

The Linux-based MediaREADY FlyBoy™ Portable Media Player records up to 80 hours of video, stores over 200,000 digital pictures, or holds up to 740 hours of music on its 40 GB hard drive. Internal USB 2.0 hard drive allows the Flyboy to receive files from any PC, or VWB's MediaREADY 4000 or 5000.

Heres the press release.



3.5 inch LCD screen 0;
80 hours of video;
12,000 MP3s;
200,000 Pictures;
Digital Voice Recording;
Data Storage;
built-in speakers;
40Gig HD;
MP3; RM;
Custom Linux OS;


Price? $349

Impressive stats given the price . . .

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