Saturday, March 05, 2005

Loveall300An utterly brilliant send up of the now clichéed "What Would Jesus Say" emem is over at whatwouldbillhickssay.

Hicks, for those of you who may have missed him, was one of the most brilliantly funny scathing social critics of the last century. We've discussed his work repeatedly in these pages.

Bill was a follower of Jesus the philosopher, and hated money grubbing preachers ("middlemen") distorted Christ's message of love and forgiveness.

A classic example of Hick's biting yet subtle wit is this comic bit: After a show down South somewhere, a few redneck types come up to Hicks as he is sitting with a book in a cafe:

Looks like we got ourselves a reader they threatingly observe.

One of the rednecks says: "We don't like what you said last night about Jesus."

To which Hicks deadpan replies. "Oh. Forgive me."

The site is filled with fans observations of how Hicks might have responded to some of the more moronic ideas circulating the world today.

Be sure to read the two linked articles, below . . .


What Would Bill Hicks Say

Too close to the bone
Bill Hicks' biting routines kept him a cult comedian
Jack Boulware
San Francisco Chronicle, December 26, 2004 RVGU1ACM8U1.DTL&type=books

A censored comic's message grows louder
Tom Feran
Plain Dealer Columnist, December 12, 2004 1102761266230872.xml

Hat tip to Will Sargent

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