Sunday, April 17, 2005

Interview about Bill Hicks

Fascinating interview with Kevin Booth, discussing essays & effluvia favorite Bill Hicks.

"KB – “A little bit. He didn’t really complain about his career that much to me. It was humiliating to him. There were times like when he had just gotten back from England --- where he was playing these massive sold-out shows --- I think this was actually mentioned in the TRIO documentary [entitled ‘The Censoring of Bill Hicks’]. He flew me to San Francisco . . . on one hand --- he was never the kind of guy who would brag to me. He never did that to his friends, where he would say, ‘Hey, I’m really making it BIG,’ and ‘I’m making tons of money,’ and ‘I’ve got tons of fans.’ He was never like that. He would never brag, but we would go to the clubs in San Francisco, and there’s fifty people there who don’t even know who he is, you know?”

MQ – “Yeah.”

KB – “Oh GOD, here we are recording an album, and it’s like ‘Jesus-Fucking-Christ,’ you know? What do I have to do? It was like ‘Kevin, I swear to GOD people like me,’ you know?” (Laughs)

MQ – “Yeah, sure.”

KB – “He would come off stage at the end of shows and just say ‘people are fucking cattle, and it’s just hopeless, fucking hopeless.’ Shit like that. You know, he was like a soldier, he just kept going on. He went through this little thing several times, saying he’s retiring from comedy. This was something he did like a million times. That’s why right before he died, he started telling everybody that ‘this is the final time I am ever going to do comedy,’ and a lot of people who knew Bill and followed him through his whole career --- especially around Austin, where everyone just kind of laughed it off, because they had heard him say that so many times. On one hand, he was saying it because he really did have his own show in England [Counts of the Netherworld, planned for broadcast on Channel 4, beginning in the spring of 1994. The original script treatment for this never-produced talk-show series has been included in the book Bill Hicks: Love All The People, pgs. 101-110], but on the other hand, he was saying it because he knew he was going to die. So, it was kind of like a weird double-whammy.”

MQ – “Yeah, definitely. That’s always freaky in hindsight.”

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