Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bling Jumps the Shark

So we were in Sonoma a few weeks ago. We walk into a little chic boutique in one of those cute towns in Winery country.

I had noticed $400 jeans on sale on the way in.

The owner was a 60 something woman, good looking in matronly California way. She sez to us "Have you seen our Bling Jeans? Their fabulous!"

And that marked the exact moment when the word "Bling" jumped the shark for me

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The moment Bling jumped the shark for me was several weeks ago, I saw a commercial on TV for a product that was basically little stick on plastic jewelry. Like fake gems and such, but several of them were arranged into patterns like hearts and such, so some little girl could make her diary look just like a little girl's, sort of thing.

It was the kind of commercial you see for crappy products that are obviously for little kids but they show like moms using it for crafts and such. That sort of weird thing.

But the funny bit was that this product was called BlingItUp or some such similar thing, and I swear that they used the word "bling" in every single sentence. Like "Wow! Now I can add bling in seconds!" and stuff like this. In 30 seconds I hear "bling" more than I had in the entire rest of my life.

It was so bad that I thought I was watching something on Comedy Central for a second. But it wasn't, it was late night SciFi channel, of all freakin' weird places to advertise this product.

Anyway, the term "bling" is so dead that it's made it's way into commercials for products like you'd find at a craft store. Way, way dead.

Posted by: Otto | May 10, 2005 4:29:54 PM

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