Friday, June 24, 2005

Porn Stars Advertising Tube Sox

uusivia Mark Morford comes this utterly amusing take on a new twist in advertising: Porn Stars In My Underwear.  As Morford writes, "There's sexy advertising, and then there's hiring hot porn starlets to sell tube socks."

The ubiquitous excerpt:

Oh, I know, it's all horrible and exploitative and demeaning and softcore pornographic and stuff.
It's all destructive and debilitating and morally dubious, the fact that the oddly patriotic clothing company called American Apparel dares to photograph barely of-age girls and boys in sly, smiling, half-lidded, gritty, delightfully sexy poses in order to sell socks and underwear and T-shirts, all manufactured by an L.A.-based company that swears it doesn't employ sweatshop labor and claims it treats its local work force fairly and lovingly and decently, while at the same time it has zero moral issue with hiring -- has anyone noticed? -- true-blue porn starlet and AVN Performer of the Year Lauren Phoenix to model their tube socks and undies and boy-beater tanks.

To which we can only say: God bless them. Mostly.

Here's the snaps which accompany the article. Text via Morford (gratitude via me)

Lip gloss. Lip gloss delivered to humankind on the wings of naked nipple-twisting well-lubed angels


You'd never guess from this humble, sexy photo that she's the star of "Ass Worship #5: Ass for Days!" would you? Or would you? Ga_amerap3

You know, I haven't thought about tube socks in any serious way since I was about 10, back in the '70s, when tube socks ruled the planet and the longer they were, the better, and if they had those cool stripes by the knee they were totally way bitchin'. Now, suddenly, tube socks are very, very impressive items indeed. Suddenly they look positively delicious.

I need to go, um, shopping now . . .

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