Sunday, August 07, 2005

You What the Shrill Blonde Harpy Where ?!?

My distaste for the shrill blonde harpy is -- apparently -- minor league. Indifference, not hate, is the opposite of love. My attitude has always  been to ignore those intellectually dishonest weasels on both the left and the right who lower the debate.

However, some of your emails have made it clear that you are less interested in intellectual discourse (such as yesterday's Shrill Blonde Plagiarist) regarding a certain harpy. Mine is but to comply.

As Ray Davies said "Give the People What They Want."  Perhaps you will better enjoy these surprisingly well written satires, whose purple prose is less rigorous than yesterday's fare:

I Fucked Ann Coulter in the Ass, Hard


Back in Ann Coulter's Ass-Saddle Again

Warning: Do not act surprised or offended about anything you read in a blog charmingly titled "I Fucked Ann Coulter in the Ass, Hard."

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