Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Short Pop-Psychology History of W

My friend (and fellow columnist) Jon Markman created a compact timeline/pop psychology of President Bush. It was in a recent column of his, titled Libby Indictment Not All-Clear for Market, wherein he details an explanation for how we got to where we are today. Call it a "short history of W's paternal issues."

It rings fairly true, and goes something like this:

  • George W. Bush grows up with a dominating, successful father.
  • His brother Jeb is considered the smart, successful one in the family.
  • In his wild days, GWB is reprimanded by his dad for wasting his life.
  • GWB sobers up and gets a grip. But he has lingering resentment for dad.
  • GWB becomes president. His inner voice tells him to show up his dad.
  • GWB decides to take Baghdad by force, which dad wouldn't in Persian Gulf War.
  • Dick Cheney persuades GWB that CIA blocks the war, and plots to usurp its role.
  • GWB's dad was former CIA chief. Brushing off the CIA another chance to get even.
  • CIA chief George Tenet sees the coup against CIA. He plots to get even.
  • Recognizing anti-Joe Wilson obsession, he plants Valerie Plame name with Cheney.
  • Cheney grumbles about Plame to aide Libby. As Tenet expects, Libby tells reporters.
  • Tenet then refers the Plame leak to the Justice Department, seeking indictments.
  • Cheney and Libby are caught in Tenet's trap.
  • Think of Langley, Va., the CIA headquarters, as Baghdad on the Potomac.
  • GB tried to beat dad in Iraq and failed. Then tried to beat him at CIA and failed.
  • Maybe dad wasn't so dumb after all.


Libby Indictment Not All-Clear for Market
Jon D. Markman, 10/28/2005 2:04 PM EDT

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