Friday, August 25, 2006

CSNY at Jones Beach, August 23, 2006

The ubiquitous RAZR takes some snaps, and a short video of the concert:

Opening tune: Flags of Freedom (Neil Young)


Next 2 songs: Carry On / Wooden Ships:


After the Garden is Gone/Living with War

Jones Beach Theater -- about 10,000 seats, outdoors on the water -- a terrific place to se a concert:


Video clip: Rocking in the Free World
(Play, but the sound is awful --- hard to bewlieve this was shot with a cell phone)

First set:

Flags of Freedom (Young, 2006)
Carry On (CSNY, 1970)
Wooden Ships (CSN, 1969)
Long Time Gone (CSN, 1969)
Military Madness (Nash, 1971)
After the Garden (Young, 2006),
Living with War (Young, 2006)
The Restless Consumer (Young, 2006)
Shock and Awe (Young, 2006)
Wounded World (Stills, 2005)
Almost Cut My Hair (CSNY 1970)
Immigration Man (C&N, 1972)
Families (Young, 2006)
Deja Vu (CSNY, 1970)

Acoustic set

Helplessly Hoping (CSN, 1969)
Our House (CSNY, 1970)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Young, 1970)
Guinnevere (CSN, 1969)
Milky Way Tonight (C&N, 2004)
Treetop Flyer (Stills, 1991)
Roger and Out (Young, 2006)
Southbound Train (C&N, 1972)
Old Man Trouble (Stills, 2005)
Carry Me (C&N, 1975)
Teach Your Children (CSNY, 1970)
Southern Cross (CSN, 1982)
Find the Cost of Freedom (CSNY, 1971)

Third Act

Let's Impeach the President (Young, 2006)
For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield featuring Stills and Young, 1967)
Chicago (Nash, 1971)
Ohio (CSNY, 1970)
What Are Their Names (Crosby, 1971)
Rocking in the Free World (Young, 1989)

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I am searching for a photo of the curtain call on 8/22 at Jones Beach Theatre. Graham Nash was holding a cd which appeared on the jumbo tron. trying to get a photo of that image. The cd said join the opposition.

Posted by: Greg Stewart | Sep 27, 2006 2:49:25 PM

Went to the Stevie Nicks concert last night at Jones Beach and found out that my 8th row orchestra seats were literally under if you wanted to wade through knee deep water you could. With 50 degree temps and the wind howling my wife and I left after Chris Issak and never saw the show. Question: How is it possible that a venue like Jones Beach (which I understand has flooded in the past) not have a fall back plan (ie pumps or whatever) and worse... nothing to tell its patrons who paid big bucks to get a good seat? It was a disaster and of course there is no one to complain to other than the ticket takers. A total ripoff. When they decided to fill in the moat for more seats years ago(greed) they should have planned for those occaisional high tides. Idiots....

Posted by: richard r. | Jun 14, 2007 3:43:59 PM

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