Friday, August 18, 2006

Steely Dan: Jones Beach Theater August 17, 2006

Awesome show last nite at Jones Beach Theater -- if you never have been, its a terrific venue to see a live show outdoors over the summer months.

Many people think of Steely Dan as this perfectionist studio band -- which they were -- but they also have become a very good live band. I saw them in the 1990s at MSG -- not a bad show, but a little disappointing.

Perhaps it the venue or the new touring attitude -- or the lack of "fine Columbian" (mine and theirs) but they were terrific last night. The band was very tight, they played with the cool precision and polish you would expect from Steely Dan –  but they also demonstrated some warmth and personality.

Bodhisattva was a great tune to kickoff a show with, but what really blew me away was the full 12 piece band on Aja -- it was a suprising highlight. The arrangement felt like it was carefully laid out for a full orchestra. Every section got its due, with great style and balance . Very impressive.

Here's a few Razor snaps, and the playlist from the show:

Deacon Blues


My Old School



Play List
Hey 19
Green Earings
Black Friday
Dirty Work
Lost Wages
Do it Again
Don’t Take Me Alive
Deacon Blues
Kid Charlemagne
My Old School

There also were several musical interludes that could have been "Chase The Dragon" and "I’ve Got The News."

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Must. Escape. Memphis.

Nothing that cool ever happens here.

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