Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dave Brubeck Quartet

  Take_five One of my favorite Jazz musicians is Dave Brubeck. Its perfect music to chill to after a harried week such as this one.

Even if you don't know Brubeck, you probably know him via Take Five, off of the album Time Out, which was the first million selling jazz disc..  Take Five may be the single best known Jazz recording of all time (argue amongst yourselves whats better known in comments).

Brubeck is one of those rare musicians where you can just about randomly select anything he's recorded -- and its pretty great. If you want some suggestions, consider any of these favorite Brubeck albums:

Time Out
Concord on a Summer Night   
Jazz at Oberlin 
Jazz at the College of the Pacific   
Live at the Berlin Philharmonie

Oberlin_1 Even his "fun" stuff is terrific -- check out Quiet as the Moon. Its "Peanuts inspired" (except for a song or two, its not the actual Peanuts music -- thats Vince Guaraldi playing A Boy Named Charlie Brown).

Also worth checking out are Dave Digs Disney and Brubeck Plays Music From West Side Story.

Take Five

St Louis Blues 1961

College_pacific_1Other Videos:

Blue Rondo a la Turk

Kathy's Waltz

Sounds of the Loop - 1964

St Louis Blues Brubeck Dave 1961

Strange Meadow Lark

Live At The Lincoln Center 1972    

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