Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some La Jolla Snaps

We've been having a grand old time in La Jolla and San Diego.  Here are some random snaps I've taken over the past few days (all enlarge with a double click):

This is the view from where we are slumming it:


Walking along the waterfront in downtown La Jolla


Fascinating Tree/Root system in Balboa Park


Seals out sunning themselves on the beach downtown:

The View while walking along the cliff side at Torrey Pines
(we are way up there)


The Hang gliders sure look like they are having some fun!
(How hard can it be?)


It turns out, not all that hard!


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The ficus in Balboa Park is one of the most amazing trees I've ever seen; I don't know why, but I find it even more impressive than the giant redwoods.

I guess because the roots look more 'animal' than 'plant'.

Posted by: eightnine2718281828mu5 | Feb 23, 2007 1:12:08 AM

I live there but havent noticed that tree. I'd guess those roots arent naturally so, but were exposed by erosion over the years...

Posted by: mitack | Feb 23, 2007 2:06:45 AM

Did you make it to the Cactus Garden at Balboa? It is across the road near where you see the Zoo parking...totally cool, you never see plants like that on LI!

I have hiked Balboa numerous times, it is an awesome place to kill a couple of hours waiting for a redeye after doing work in the SD area...

Nice pic with that old rogallo wing hangglider, death on pipes! You are missing the crotch-defining harness however...a "dead" giveaway.

Posted by: wnsrfr | Feb 23, 2007 9:01:35 AM

Great. Trees, sand, para sailing, WTF are the babes dude???!!!

Posted by: Michael Carne | Feb 23, 2007 10:08:56 AM

He didn't visit us babes...


Posted by: donna | Feb 23, 2007 3:17:37 PM

The roots on that tree actually grow that way above ground. There is a much larger tree like this in Los Angeles county on the old route 66.

The tree is 100 yrs old, the diameter of the root system is probably about 100 ft., and near the tree those "canyons" between the roots are 6 to 10 feet deep.

Posted by: DJ | Jun 11, 2007 5:21:06 PM

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